I had an idea for an EZ-2-Do HOUR OF SLACK "theme show" or shows, and you can help.

Suggest "X-DAY SONGS" -- meaning, songs by the famous or nonfamous that COULD be about X-Day, whether they were originally intended that way or not. Songs that herald the End of the World, that glorify ESCAPE to space, that relate to "partying with the Space people," or that express TERRIBLE VENGEANCE and GLEE at an IMPENDING APOCALYPSE.

Even though they are the easiest kinds of shows to do, I rarely do all-music shows. This idea gives me an excuse to play music that would normally be too "normal" for the show, and to do between-song patter or rants that tie in the prophecy aspects.

Here's the quick list that I threw together just from scanning what was near the front on my shelves:

HENDRIX: "Hey Baby (Land of the New Rising Sun)", Earth Blues, 3rd Stone from the Sun

THRILL KILL KULT: "Apollo 69," Universal Luxury

GWAR: Ragnarok; Crush Kill Destroy



Like I said, this was just off the top of my head. I'm not the biggest music "buff" in the world and I'm sure many of you can come up with a zillion more.

Not just any old saucer-related song would do. For instance, Purple People Eater would NOT qualify. It has to have that apocalyptic, or else quasi-religious feel to it, or like Thrill Kill, have a grossly hedonistic edge to it. Or futuristic Death-to-Pinks hardcore... Or.. you know what I mean. KOOK songs. X-Day is EXTREME pleasure for the saved, and EXTREME pain for the unsaved.

(SubGenius-specific songs:)

NENSLO: "Take Me Off to Space"

Buck Naked "The Xists Have Landed"

DEVO: Gates of Steel, Jocko Homo (these are not X-Day related but so pertinent to basic SubGenius philosophy that we could hardly leave them out)

ADD TO THE LIST! Post 'em here, but also email suggestions to me.

Whether or not I'll have access to a COPY of a given song... who knows. There're probably many things here that I just haven't thought of. If in doubt, risk a cheap cassette.

This playlist can also be used for DJing the X-Day Drill Dance Parties and between-band set-up times.


I wrote this offline. When I opened the news reader to send it, one of the new newsgroups displayed was:


So I guess I wasn't the only one thinking about it. My server sees nothing posted to that ng, yet, but that means nothing, since my server is about half blind at best.


Ever since I sent in my $30 and got my Minister's Card, I have breathed much easier.

That's a lie though, come to think of it. I've had a nasty cold ever since I got that Membership Pack. I thought I was over it this morning, got all hopped up on this idea, was spazzin' all over the place, but then I went to see STAR WARS and I swear it must have drained my Slack somehow, because I feel like WARMED OVER DEATH-COFFEE-GROUNDS.

Then I get home to read this poor crazy teenage boy's IRC plans to "depose" me, since I am so Pink, rich and sold-out, and because, under a winning personality such as himself, the Church could become the gigantic Pink-killing billion dollar enterprise that "Bob" expects. He really believes that "Bob" talks to him.

What a day. I was sitting there identifying with Luke Skywalker, and here it turns out I'm really Darth Vader.

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