...brimming with hope and promise!


Well, SHIT!! I was about to sit here and write up a nice little rant about vengeance on the Pinks for making us go to token family gatherings on July 4 to eat greasy barbecue, act like a bunch of nerds and watch insipid fireworks, but just as I started, the phone started ringing, and I got so many diddly shit requests from various SubGenii to do JUST THIS ONE LITTLE THING while I had "a spare minute" today, that it ate up 3 hours in "one little things," and now a big electrical storm is on the way in so I have to unplug my computer and, well, GOD DAMN. And here I thought I was gonna have a nice full day to myself working on the Web site and MAYBE even getting to read alt.slack. Shoulda known. Too good to be true.

I tell ya, a preacher's work is NEVER done. My big SubGenius holiday finally rolls around and it's wrecked by the weather and SubGeniuses making one hundred and one million tiny niggling requests.


Peevish Old Stang

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