95.5.18- Your Mom's Dick

Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 18:15:13 -0700
From: sphinx1@ix.netcom.com (Your mom's dick )
Subject: Re: heeeeuuunnnnnhhhh!!!!!! and Pee
To: i.stang@metronet.com (Ivan Stang)

>>I don't wanna sound bobbyish - like some kinda sycophant fan-boy, but I had that one DAMMFINETIME. No really, I had a DAMMFINETIME hanging out with you studly dudes. It almost but not quite, kinalak...blew my dick off.


From: i.stang@metronet.com (Ivan Stang)
To: sphinx1@ix.netcom.com (Your mom's dick )
Cc: gggor

Well, THAT part of the weekend was lots of fun, all right, but YOU GUYS FUCKED UP!!! You may have noticed that Sterno and me were in a big hurry to "get back to Dallas"... well actually we had made a prior arrangement with "Irene." First we went to the airport to pick up Wellman and then we all went back to "Irene's" mansion. Wellman would take her "puh," Sterno her butthole and me the mouth, then we'd rotate using her as the axis, and then trade off, so she got all three dicks in all three orifices, only I didn't actually put my dick into her butt after Sterno had spunked in it. I faked it using this great big hard turd I found in her back yard (probably Sterno's... in somebody else's butt surrounded by his own sperm was a fitting burial ground for THAT log). And to demean and degrade her further, we talked about alt.slack shit the whole time and did a bunch of Church Air without giving her any.

Hey wait a minute, man, if I type this stuff will I get arrested like that college student up north?

So anyway then it turned out that Philo hadn't fucked up so bad after all. He was in the closet videotaping through the slats. He had already hid the videotape before he revealed himself. He stepped out just as we were all three "splooging" in or on Irene for the 3rd time. He and Irene had planned it all along. Blackmail, plain and simple. All of us but Wellman have a lot to lose if they revealed this tape so Sterno and I killed Irene, Wellman and Philo (Sorry, Marty, but I'm sure you've thought about it yourself manytimes) and chopped up their bodies and fed them down the disposal, which took about 8 hours. But GOD DAMN if we didn't find Irene's STASH first, so we were smoking opium and running up pharmaceutical speed the whole time we were doing our gory business. We thought about calling you guys but there wasn't really enough opium for everybody. So I hope you don't feel bad, but YOU GUYS FUCKED UP!!!


From: sphinx1@ix.netcom.com (Your mom's dick )
Subject: Re: heeeeuuunnnnnhhhh!!!!!! and Pee
To: i.stang@metronet.com (Ivan Stang)


Man, you are such a liar. I know you are making it all up, I know for a fact Irene was glommin' down on me - because the bitch between my legs looked, smelt, sounded, felt, and tasted just like her. Besides Sterno already said you and him were jacking off all the way back to Dallas to the fantasy off me fuckin' Irene. Only it wasn't a fantasy Daddio. Didn't you see that one time when she gave me that come hither look? Didn't you notice how she slipped her skirt up her tender thighs as I entered the room. Didn't you pretend not to notice the chemistry between Irene and me? Didn't you catch that moment when Irene's eyes met mine and in an instant we knew we'd be fucking as soon as we could get YOU out of the way? Don't tell me you didn't see the way she twiched her lips, bucked her hips and pointed toward her tunnel of delights all with a wink of approval and a closing glance at my dick? Or were you pretending not to?

Well, I don't blame you. After me and Irene got back to her mansion she called up some of her girlfriends - Big Tits Twanee, Nice Pussy Sue, Deep Throat Darla, and a few others. All the bitches came over and I had to eat one's pussy when fuckin' another while a third had a dildo strapped on and fucked me in the butt and Irene licked between my dick and butthole. They made me smoke, drink, snort and shoot all kinds of stuff and all of it was gooder than shit. No shitting was involved though, sorry, I know you like shit and stuff.

Anway I just wanted to e-mail you and say monitor to monitor you are a Gall Dernd Liar. I was fucking Irene when you were jacking off to the fantasy of me fucking Irene.

Col. Sphinx Drummond


To: sphinx1@ix.netcom.com (Your mom's dick )
From: i.stang@metronet.com (Ivan Stang)
Subject: Re: heeeeuuunnnnnhhhh!!!!!! and Pee

God damn ya Sphinx, god damn ya. You can blab your fantasies all you want but I know when I had your Momma's dick in my mouth. It was limp as an old dishrag. Disgusting old distended clit... dick, clit, what's the dif, on HER. Man, YOU DID FUCK UP. My WHOLE PLAN with that fake letter I sent you was to get you to express just exactly the stupid sick fantasy that you expressed (see above.) MAN YOU IDIOT, you fell RIGHT INTO MY TRAP!!! Your boss asked me to run this psychological test on you and BOY HOWDY, YOU LOST WITH FLYING COLORS!!! Ya dumb shit. If you'd of written something about how GUY was fucking the chicks while YOU watched, maybe you'd have something to RETIRE on. BUT YOU FUCKED UP BUT MAJORLY DUDE!!!! DUMBASS!!!! Even Nenslo and Iceknife look like BRILLIANT GENIUSES next to the SEVERE RETARDATION that is YOU, COL. SPHINX DRUMMOND!!! GYAWD!!! I can't fuckin' believe you were so dumb to fall for it. Gyahd daym. You fucked up man. Hogan's Goat is like a god damned Arnold Schwarzenegger WAr Hero compared to you at this point. I hope you survive the humiliation. But I WON cause I HAVE THE TAPES and as soon as I get your Momma to take her limp dick out of my mouth, I'm gonna post it ALL all over the NEt.

Man, YOU fucked UP!!


From: gggor@io.com
To: i.stang@metronet.com (Ivan Stang)
Subject: Re: heeeeuuunnnnnhhhh!!!!!! and Pee


Au contraire Ivan me boy, you are the one who fucked up
because that wasn't Philo, that wasn't "Irene"...we have the videotapes of it all. I mean digital video, widescreensound and frappycolor and some stunning closeups of you and yor boyfriends licking and dicking one another while a clone egged you on. Stang, I'm making tee-shirts of that close-up of you porking Wellman while deep-throating Sterno's flaccid whanger. Yeah, amazing what a well programmed clone and a little PCP on yer frop will make you see and do....don't worry about the guy you killed, it wasn't really Philo, just another brownshoe square from Illuminati Central casting....

don gooey

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>From:i.stang@metronet.com (Ivan Stang)
>Subject:Re: YOU FUCKED UP!!!
>>Man, all THREE of you UN-studly dudes are who fucked up royally,
>>that's fer shure! For you see, that WASN'T "Irene" or "Darla" or ANY
>>of them damn bitches you THOUGHT you were fuckin', suckin', lickin',
>>dickin' and doin' the motherfucker to - that was just a hallucination
>>stemming from the buttload of appy I snuck into your BEERS! You were
>>actually having gratuitous sex with a pile of SHIT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
>>You were all fucking a HUGE mound of Sterno-Poop that had been
>>festering in my butt ever since Texarkana, but that I forcefully held
>>in my Moonie-Canal till Austin so's I could implement my plan. You
>>see, I've got this connection with a scat-video company in Paraguay
>>who's clients will pay BIG BUX for primo videos of American HOMOS
>>fucking piles of shit. Yes, disgusting as it seems, there are folks
>>who LIKE jacking off to that kind of thing. While all THREE of you
>>were humping that mountain of corn-encrusted fudge-loaf, me and
>>"Irene" were 'bout crackin' up! I mean, shit man, you three thought
>>you were in puh-heaven but in reality your rather insignificant
>>peckers were so shit-encrusted that "Darla" actually gagged a couple
>>of times while making like the proverbial "industrial vacuum cleaner"
>>with my putz - something she's NEVER done before. Anyway, when Stang
>>was literally swimming in the stool mound, Deuel and Sphynx were
>>actually giving head to what they no doubt imagined were a couple of
>>raving beauty queens, but which were ACTUALLY nothing more than a
>>couple of mammoth butt-babies. Man, you shoulda seen you guys' TEETH.
>>It took EIGHTEEN toothbrushes EACH to get down to the enamel. You'll
>>be chagrined to know that I mailed those videos off to Ascuncion
>>yesterday and they oughtta be edited and mass-produced by next
>>Thursday. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Rich, fucked up Japanese HOMOS will be
>>spurtin' and squirtin' to live footage of you three FUCKING barrels
>>of my FECES! And don't worry, I spelled all of your names correctly
>>in the credits. Your new FAN CLUB should start attempting
>Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 21:22:22 -0700 (PDT)
>From: NENSLO <nenslo@teleport.com>
>To: Ivan Stang <i.stang@metronet.com>
>Subject: Re: Your Mom's Dick
>Mime-Version: 1.0
> You fucking faggot. Fuck you. You fucking fucker, fuck you,
>fuck your fucking mother, fuck your whole fucking family you fucking
>motherfucking fucker. You fucking suck you fucking faggot. Fuck you.
> Your friend,
> N
>P.S. Fuck your fucking dog too you fucking faggot.
> -Copyright NENSLO KDV 1995-
>Send One Dollar to box 86582 Portland OR 97286
> This is a READER SUPPORTED ministry.

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