Hour of Slack #1007 -- homunculus numonkulesies, early man vs. the drug war


Live at WCSB, Cleveland State Univ., Cleveland -- with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Stang, Princess Wei, and the LeMur and Preffian buttressing and artfulness.

1     LeMur: Hay! Hay! 00:13

2     LeMur: Pubic Cervix Denouncement #119     00:23

3     LeMur: PR Gnus #1121 00:23

4    Norel Pref: worth_it     00:17

5    We're Smarter-Not  00:04

6    Norel Pref: the charge     00:15

7    Norel Pref: preach on     01:00

8    "Who are the overlords of the UFO?" (#5)     00:14

9    Norel Pref: let me go, number 61     00:18

10   "It's not in our charter to investigate the UFO!" 00:12

11   Norel Pref: the charge     00:59

12   El Queso: This is the Hour of Slack     02:42

13   Norel Pref: rush hannity     00:47

14   Norel Pref: the penis has been thinking     03:40



15     Lonesome Cowboy Dave, live 8Xday, "The President's On The Phone"     04:07



Cred Dave etc., Dav e-Wei enter, Dave blath, WACKY KIDS SUBG SHOW!- wish it was so funny - Alex doesn't like Dave - you know how kids are - we had better shoes in them days - Blue Mutants -- The Devos in Cleveland when we're gone -- Psytopia, Jamaica -- psychedelics and legal doping - War on Drugs in bg -- warriors on dif. Drugs - froppers will always lose against drunks...tho drunks become lighter as years go on. 


4 TERROR -- Norel Pref


5 REVX - No, too PARANOID! Rant -- drug war between escape-goats and hostage chickens - us cardboard box have-nots with tin can & string radio - We have to use the tension of the phone wires, not the electronics - cops on red vs blue drugs -- control us - use your parts, not drugs - prehensibility -- hang out from all limbs - Poobah the Magnificent, and Freak Shows - the states illegalized freak shows. Skilled deformities -- Percilla the Monkey Girl vs. the do-gooders who aren't deformed, the Alligator Man - happier than the Normals -  Dave's carny uncle & freaks - you get used to freaks and nudists real fast -

  The Jet Setting Playboy who became a Retard-Wiping Saint -- false slack is no slack at all -- true slack of guileless severely retarded teenagers - Pity not Poobah -- Pity not Ronnie and Donnie - WHO IS THE FREAK? - they get paid 50 cents to watch TV while people watch them!


6x LeMur: Pubic Cervix Denoucement #117.aif


6 What are 4-finger people? Homo Sapiens - used to be more than us and the homo sapiens -- homo erecti, neanders & floresiensis - homunculus numonkulesies, tiny humans who lived inside the ears of Gigantanthropus. Homos the size of King Kong -- walk down the wrong block and you'll meet one - I miss the variety. It wasn't just the SubGenii and the humans. Imagine picking up a Neanderthal in a bar... thick bones, great slopes, big noses - big extinction,

Who will go the way of Neanderthals - Humans or SubGenii? The problem - MISCEGENATION... crossbreeding with humans. 5 Yeti vs 18 billion humans.

   De-evolution is real -- asked on a.s., are people getting dumber? YES. Haven't needed to be MORE intelligent since DIRE times. Only an asteroid or war would make us smarter. What if the ocean dreained into Hell? Only the smartest Homo Demonicus would cclimb fast enough, and replace us... red or white? Mom had a tail, brother has horn... feel of it...

  What of the vestigial brain? That's all it IS! The 3rd Nostril, nastiest organ of the body. Stories of X-Ray Specs are based on the 3rd Nostril. They really worked, nobody believed it. Illegal now that Man learned they worked.


7 Pubic Cervix Denouncement #120.aif


7 The new Quijibo is out! And this music is LeMur Devotee --

New Quijibo - Dick Dobbs, Russian article, Dobbsiueppe, address... for info

18 W. Main, Greenfield IN 46140 - reads Quijibo Spelling Poem.

Larry Harmon, Bozo inventor, only has one house. Verbicide magazine has article about Detroit Devival -- James Kochalka - deaf and dump club, I LIKE it this way -- I like to be blind to everything but "Bob". Can't get off UNLESS you can see "Bob" somewhere in field of vision. That's how we make out money. Enters through auric magma -- Dobbshead printed on inside of glasses, on windshields, tatooed on underside of eyelid - but I can't SEE it!

That noise Pbtpbtpbt when slowed down says "Praise Bob' - the INTERSTICES - Dave Mumbrant - B.O.B. is a BINARY CODE -- bbboboooboboboobobboobo - like beta zero - Dave fluked math. His NASA contract -- my parents had burning parts fly through roof... disintegrating space shuttle? -- good eating on the way. Had to rent Russian Soyuz to get parts up there. Tiles falling. Too much worse than not enough. Chicken little? EotWorld movie every summer, aliens beaten by Con - MARTIANS RUN HOLLYWOOD. It goes without SANE, nome sane? Nome sane? Notcher sane.


Oyeh... What of Oyeh? Oyehanity -- the Oyeh Mantra - Wholyelyeh

"Corp. Govt Religion calypso with Oyeh in it." There is no TIME -- this is the NOW moment -- but, could be Then, on tape... for we know it's ALL been playback since X-Day. If it's your brain you'll THINK it's you thinking, but it's really MY brain. That's what the Church is here for -- to do your thinking for you.


7 WolwhelylWhoe


8 Dave mumbrant - ((Circus Music)) - There's the freaks - loves Dobbs - Dave and Wei at the Dobbstown Midway. Exploding Pres Heads... hurts my eyes.. you have any frob? LSD?... for they walk in unfamiliar waters. Pray for us.

Listening to HoS 1007 - URL, thank LCD, Wei, Dr. Sinister who will relieve me. On this show, this ever-inverting klein bottles with show within whow within show... station plugs - your WORT fell in my WCSB -- time to go. Leave you with a song, not this Sat Night Fever bg...


"It's About Time" theme.


9 Thanks to LeMur and Norel Pref for the uncredited collages! AND, friends, if you're listening to this show on college radio, that's where it ended, and therefore you're not hearing this. Because this is the tacked-on part of the show, the cuss-filled, X-rated, no holds barred INTERNET and SUBSCRIBER ONLY part of the now-MORE-than an Hour, of Slack, where we TACK ON stuff we can't play on normal radio. Such as, this recording of Lonesome Cowboy Dave and the Mondo Retardo Band attempting to cover a beloved Parker and Stone classic, from the movie Team America. It's a bit of a mess due to the unfortunate recording and MENTAL conditions, but, I know you'd HATE me if I let you go through life never even knowing this track existed.

10 "America Fuck Yeah" -- Lonesome Cowboy Dave live at 8X-Day Drill

11 Oyeh Echo

(background music by Lemur Devotee and also Prent Rodgers)

The Hour of Slack is the radio outreach of The Church of the SubGenius, syndicating the Word, Song and Collage of "Bob" Dobbs to college/indie stations since 1985, from WCSB Cleveland and Bulldada Time Control Laboratories studios.

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