Hour of Slack #1014 - Rerun of #679


Mixed April 16, 1999 --This was produced the week after my ex-wife "threw me out of the house" and I set up a mini-studio in a crappy apartment I rented! Used much then-new tape from Cleveland ACE and SubGenius events, and old tape from Dokstocks.

(DOKSTOK3 open) -- Apoc. Now "Snail on Straight Razor" Brando

"Island of Dr. Moreau" Brando and ... "... if there is no more pain, then is there no more law?"

KPFA from Intros Compilation (Side 2)-- show take-off, "Why always scary on show," show pilot dead! HoS title;

Old MB Stang Isaiah: "Priest errs and stumbles in judgement, strong drink, vomit... there is no place clean!"

"Mortal Kombat" title music under Stangy homey intro.

Old Media Barrage Dept:

from H-79 Work Tape: Pope Meyer on Con at live devival;

Onan Canobite "Think o Bob"

Meyer "You'll Pay to Know What You Really Think"

Rev. David Lynch at X-Day: "Slack Can Be Bought"

MB3  "I Don't care" "Yr a Doktor!" (Super Intro Sex Barrage) (Byron Werner cut) Kids doing sex-ed with laugh track

"Apocalypse Now" -- Brando "And they call me an assassin.  Those... NABOBS...."

Mothersbaugh "Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor" on "Bob" Loves You sample

Dokstok III lilting antimusic, Stang goes native at Dokstok III (1987 or so?), narrates the degenerate scene.

Apoc.Now: old general on "...temptation to be God"

Winterstar 99 devival -- Stang in Q&A: The distraught mom of mentally ill SG fan... "Have you ever heard of Mad Magazine, Officer?" -- Church is the knife smuggled in with the strait jacket... strait jacket escape; to bust free of the Con you sometimes have to bust free of parts of your own body...the Pinks gnaw off all three legs, but one leg still in the leghold trap!  Not the intelligence, the sense. (Chas Smith on Organ)

Stang ARISE out-take narration re: the Humans, Slack and Work: "Something for nothing" to "... who made Normality the Norm! 

"We are Not Men" from "Island of Dr. Moreau"

11-7-98 ESO Rehearsal -- THE LAW  ("We Are Not Men... Not to SHIT in the HOUSE" "Not to bite the Mailman... the Snake is Long... I had an Operation... They tampered with my brain some.... If you act like a dumbSHIT they will treat you as an equal...  now ya do what they taughtcha...")

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE "Killing in the Name Of" excerpt "Now you do what they taught ya"

PSYPHERIA "Gothic Disturbance"

in bg for Stang doing Credits, "Old but Wise" quotes sent by DeathRokrX

Templebeat: "The Brain Cult of Macho Irony" from Sub/Mission - Via Turati 22/28, I-50136 Firenze ITALIA

ESO Rehearsal con't: THE LAW con't.

Sister Krys on WFMU, HoS79 work tape, Citizens for Normalcy rant.

ESO Rehearsal "Lemme Tell Ya Bout a Place"

From X-Day 98 video: Sister Decadence farewell; David Lynch on X-Day...P-Lil whoops it up re

Dokstok3 Apocalypse Now... "Good Does Not Always Triumph".

Dokstok #3 Stang report on the various SubGenius delegations from around the world;

The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name: "SICK OF "BOB"


"G-Rated Barrage:"

Chicago -- Janor, Stang on Squirt, Death Cult, SubG Artists

KPFA, 1982, Glassmadness, Puzzling Evidence on Artists and Frop.

Austin 1982 Devival Crowd, hawking the cult and pils

Wellman's classic bulldada edit: "You Have Signed the Application... Ahh Yes, the Harvest"

Rev. Susie the Floozy CONNIE collage: strip and do as told; Annie Sprinkle cervix search, Goddess Spot.

IrRev. Friday Jones: "Now I must kill you again for the honor of Connie."

ESO VOL. 15 -- Dave ad for BuildYerBomb, Plutonium Storm, trance spouting.... no Xmas on Pluto this year...

Stang narrates Dokstok3 -- 1,000s of bald followers awaiting the Drs...

BillT. Miller "X-Days a Comin'" Boston 1996 -- overinflated saucer ticket scalpers.

ESO 3-18-98:  No morality in space. Steal Gov't issue rocketship.

Dave does rocket launch news. Sick Bleepo calls: One Lung for "Bob"; Lobobtomectomies. Eliminated Inner Cuteness. Stang wants his testicle back from Bleepo's forehead.

FRIDAY JONES: The 10 Commandments of Space Travel

ESO 2-18-99 Commandments continued -- quarantine; void in the void; (w/ P-Lil)

Stang does credits (bg music by Goblin, Dawn of the Dead)

ESO 3-25 great PO Box Build-Up, X-Day Ad...



This week we finished moving into our shiny new Headquarters Building in historic Dallas, Texas!

I built my own ship!

It won't fly; it won't even move. But it has a GREAT heat shield and instrument panel.

The new edifice overlooks the mansion-lined Swiss Avenue area of Lakewood made famous as the 1998 meeting place in THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS, a scant few blocks from the Sacred P.O. Box itself. Just for old times' sake, I frequently leave my "bat cave" office and accompany the guards of the armored trucks on their hourly runs between the office and the P.O., carrying bags of orders and money. 

Tonight we celebrated both the Dobbsening (or "launching") of the new building, and Dr. G. Gordon Gordon's BIRTHDAY!!

Happy Birthday, GGG! Death's boney ass SOUNDLY KICK'D for the 158th year going!

And on their way here, Rev. Nickie Deathchick and Rev. Mary Magdalen had the drivers stop at a Pink bar where DJs from some Dallas rock station were on location, trying to get women to do weird things on the air, in return for Aerosmith tickets. Nickie and Mary were so disgusted by the cowardice of the surrounding SMU bitches that they got up there and MADE OUT!! Why the hell not! Just to blow the Pinks' "minds". The awwed and extremely grateful Dallas DJ dumbasses awarded the two Yankee She-Yetinsyny the dumbass Aerosmith tickets and invited them to come RULE THE DUMBASS STATION.

It would only be fitting if Nickie became a highly paid Dallas commercial radio personality in between her dead-and-injured human delivery jobs.

Meanwhile, I "BUILT MY OWN SHIP" -- that is, I took this opportunity to completely rework the capsule that holds my command modules. After many test missions, and the gradual jettisoning of a ton of dross, this one should be a "go" for XX-Day. I've decided that I'm going to haul the entire SubGenius Church Archives with me when I leave. But I have to have EFFICIENT and APPROPRIATE LEVELS OF ACCESS. That's the key. To keep the frequently used tools such as the attitude control jets, the software, the periscope and main parachute NEARBY, while there's no reason things like the infrared sensors, TV cameras and "escape rocket" can't fold up into the storage bay until July.

In the new arrangement, I can swivel in 3D within an inverted cube between the work stations for Audio, Video, Computer, Paper, 'Frop Admixturation, and Sexhurt or Money Changing (depending on the time of day and trajectory). I can see out the portholes, but no one else can see in. I don't have to get up to flip tapes or make coffee; hoses carry the fluids into me from the automated kitchen, and another tube carries liquid and solid waste to the vacuum toilet. I only have to disengage my MoonPants(TM) once a day, to go to the sleep module. After I wake, I stop at the autokitchenette and pick up a supply of food to stow in the overhead bin, reseal the MoonPants(TM) and I'm back in the saddle for another 18 hours!

There's even what I call a special "Bat Closet" wherein is stashed the complete Devival Travel Kit (which springs out on display platforms when the door is opened): the light Cleveland pulpit, the heavy Strange pulpit, my preaching uniforms, the Verticle Hanging Propaganda Banners and Giant Dobbsheads, plus the rear projection videos, Pil Dispensor, devival music CDs and laugh track carts, tripod, multiprong condom supply and video camera.

I have a chain of video dubbing machinery with the VHS array on one end, and a BETAMAX DECK on the other! Between X-Day 98 video dubs, I've been safety-dubbing the old 1980s Church Devival, Music Video and Pornography betamax collections down to VHS. The Betamax player is on a rotating carousel and can easily be swapped out with a slide projector, a kinetoscope, a Super-8/8mm projector, a 16mm Kodak Pageant (you remember those!), a 9.5mm projector just in case, and a ditto type of "mimeograph" machine, the kind your teacher printed tests on, with slick paper and blue ink that smelled funny, like chemicals, if you were a little kid in the 60s.

I have a perfect, brand new, heavy duty heat shield on the office, never used, because this ship has never undergone re-entry. But JUST IN CASE.

Now, if only I could get a cable modem going here, and a robot that flips tapes.

 ***End of 1999 stuff***

The Hour of Slack is the radio outreach of The Church of the SubGenius, syndicating the Word, Song and Collage of "Bob" Dobbs to college/indie stations since 1985, from WCSB Cleveland and Bulldada Time Control Laboratories studios.

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