Live 11-06-05 with "Best of Ancient Pledge Drives" tape

There are two versions of this show: Generic (for Radio Stations), and Uncut (for individuals). The Uncut one is much longer, as it still has all originating station WCSB's info and premiums descriptions.

However, from the GENERIC Version, all WCSB call letters, phone numbers, pledge premiums have been removed -- it can be used in ANY station's pledge drive! It's truly an ALL-PURPOSE Pledge Drive Show.

There's not really a log for this show. We've been doing pledge drives at WCSB for years and before that, at KNON in Dallas, for as many years, and I had this TAPE on which I had once compiled all the best of the KNON pledge drives and some from WCSB years. I transferred that to digital and went through removing the KNON call letters and phone numbers.

Then, after interspersing those recordings around Sunday night's WCSB pledge drive show,  with Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Dr. Sinister live, I went through all THAT and made the GENERIC (for Stations) Version, which has all references to WSCB and its phone number replaced with the phrase, [THIS STATION], or else cut out completely.

The original uncut WCSB-specific show has a lot more live talk of geek interest because of the bulldada nature of the premiums being described -- copies of cheesy badfilm and great Cds by arteests we've played on Hour of Slack a lot.

Alternate versions may be posted on alt.binaries.multimedia.slack

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