Hour of Slack #1031 - Live Time Control, 1-8-06

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1     LeMur: PR_Gnus1248    00:23

2     LeMur: HOS Intro #551     00:33

3     Praise Bob -Walk-Ins     03:09

4     American Astronaut:  Yeti Rio     01:20

5    Ivan Stang: DrumBasedRealBob song 02:13

b    Stang & Wei: credits,  yak -- LeMur did the Ear Space; Incoming Music determines Mood

8     "Holes In The Poles" - Nenslo     01:41

d     Credits and Artemia Salina "Jetsones"

9    The Billy Nayer Show: Caesar And Barry 02:10

10   01-06-06 SubGenius Office phone messages     01:39

f     Stang, Wei, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, live at WCSB: Credit phone calls; Time Control; Artemia Salina and Sea Monkeys, Our Newt Mystery; Xmas Disappointments; "Bob" won't let your wished come true -- he's a FICKLE GOD; CoSG = Alien Cargo Cult; Salves to the IDEA of a god... the Slave Driver's inside your head.

Radio - Smooth as a Baby's Brain. The Roman Empire fell because thewy put LEAD in their pipes instead of Frop! Judgement will fall on U.S. ... crazy weather, rains of blood; Book of Revelation accurately predicts antichrist EVERY YEAR. Wei and the earthquakes of Ohio -- people don't even notice the world ending! It's THE SHAKEDOWN! Time to get Slack before All Time Runs Out! Join the Church, you're protected from alien rayguns and also devils, and from YOU paying the HEATING BILLS IN HELL! This is Hell, when you're 10 and realize you must grow up. Aging... my heart is on Mars/Earth. X-Day 9 in the Camps... Germans worry about fascism in Amerikee.

Dr. Sinister joins in -- his new haircut inside and outside his skull. "Bob" hands you the Hair of the Dog! Texas fires... no rain... God's Judgement. Ordained my nephews. Pat Robertson, Stang as Religious Figurine. QUAFF "BOB'S" SLACK! Slack can be electromagnetic - gravitational -- or best of all GLANDULAR.

The Oyeh Guy wants royalties! He's a Font of the Buckets of Life. Dave's streams of consciousness, wrong streams...

Cackling with Wei -- Witches, CoSG women! -- as mutated and lonely as you. "Bob" didn't say it HAD to be EARTH WOMEN. Your True Yeti Mate is out there -- let's hope all the parts are on one body. The 3rd Sex idea... the Alien Kama Sutra! I want more freedom in my freedom. CONDITIONAL SLACK RANT -- down by the River sung by Mickey Mouse imitating Neil Young doing The Oyeh Guy... credit Huey.

I lost fingers to stop motion -- PRAISE "KING KONG"!

Terry Pratchett books -- "... and it's Pratchetts ALL THE WAY DOWN."

The Meaning of Life lies at the end of "Bob's" Pipe. R U Ready? You thought the FUNDIES were crazy -- now you can be 10 billion times CRAZIER! Someday... there's a WAY OUT. Insane Dave goes on about the breathing Elevators... Intro Rev. Priest rants.

11   Rev. Priest - SubGenius Rant (live in London)     03:57

12   Rev. Priest - X-Day_song  "    04:11

 LeMur: Cleveland #8     00:237   

American Astronaut:   Samuel Calls Eddie 00:32


Background  Music 1031

2     Artemia Salina: filpedpuction  02:26

3     Artemia Salina: jawbs 01:45

4     Artemia Salina: jetstones     01:15

5     Artemia Salina: muncars-     01:28

6     Artemia Salina: psychoweenzone 00:44

7    Teen Demon: The Thing 01:28

8     Hellpope Huey: SanityWoods    06:32

9    Tom & Joe Track 10   01:55

10     Hellpope Huey: TesticularTorsion     01:40

11   Tom & Joe Track 23   01:37

12   Tom & Joe Track 19   03:36


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