Hour of Slack #1040 -- Rerun of Show #136, from 1987

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A grand olden episode taken off the cassette tape original, with old school ranting, KPFA, Malcolm X, DK Jones etc.

LeMur HoS Title

Stang explan.

KPFA 1987 -- SubShow vs. HoS

DEVO - "The Shadow"

Stang Hitler Rant

Great Dr. Hal, Puzzling Evidence

Stang reads/rants from Rev. John Shirley's "Eclipse Penumbra"

Puzzling Evidence

"The Devil's Child" (Hellpope Huey?)

Ken Nordine - Talking to the Alien

Slack Safety Belt PSA

Outer Limits Monster w/ Stangrant

Zoogz Rift - "Concerto" w/ Church Ad Rant

KPFA - Dr. Hal on Space Monsters, Souls

Defuser - "Beached Pigs"

Rev. George Clinton, Parliament/Funkadelic - "Toast to the Booty"

Rainmakers "Other Side of the World" w/ Stang Rant

All-Purpose Rant

KPFA Puzzling Ebidence - Hal on 3 dimensional callers, space

Stang Rant over Blues Song

DK Jones, Huge Voodoo - "Malcolm X"

The Firesign Theater - old Dear Friends radio show excerpt

The Swingin' Love Corpses - "Hand Job"


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