Hour of Slack #1041 -- Rerun of #83, Creationism, from 1986

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A Stupid Fundamentalism and Creationism-themed olden episode from 1986, taken off the cassette tape original, with old school ranting, KPFA, G. Gordon Gordon, Sister Krys, , DK Jones, many extremely weird guest musicians.


LeMur: Modern HoS Title

Stang explanation re:rerun w/ bg music by The Cosmiks (thecosmiks.com)

Relaxation tape

Zoogz Rift bg music, w/ Intro

"Stepping High"

Ken Nordine: "Where am I going?" w/ "Bob"

Pete Scott & Swinging Love Corpses "Violence & Vandalism"

Preacher Boys/ comedy "Moral Majority" song

Voodoo MarK: "Censored"

DK Jones and Holbrook behind ad for Prophet Bar

Michael Peppe: "AD" excerpt

Rev. Clay Animation - "Plato's Nightclub"

Massette Mythos

Pink Bob: "The Ballad of the Green Beret"

Anti-Women's Lib tape

Oingo Boingo excerpt "Whole Day Off"

Huey - "Bob" clips

Weeping Cyclops subgoods ad

Gore Don Trubey: "Take a Letter"

Rev. Frank's Testimonial -- Swinging Love Corpses bg music

Stang asks for "BUMMERS" book submissions

Rev. Ganglia rant

KPFA Puzzling Evidence "StangScam"

Sister Krys rant re: "Prairie Squid" from WFMU

G. Gordon Gordon: "Creationism Rant" (!)

Stang PO Box stuff

Howard the Duck, Sectaurs clips

KPFA Puz-Ev "Horrible Show" w/ Lies, Gary, Doug, Hal

DEVO "Obey" clip

Irwin Chusid interviews Rev. Stang on WFMU -- "Bob" and the Third World

Screamin' Jay Hawkins "Constipation Blues" excerpt

Oingo Boingo clip

LeMur: PR News

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