Hour of Slack #1042 -- Live "Bob"Barrage, 4-2-06

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A live show from 2006-04-12 utilizing Lonesome Cowboy Dave on the phone, Stang and Wei reading some news reports from iDRMRSR, and two point 5 tons of LeMur and Norel Pref cuttuppery.

1     LeMur: This_Is_PRrrr007     00:33

2     LeMur: HOS_Intro613   00:23

3     LeMur: HOS_Intro614   00:36

4     LeMur: HOS_Intro615   00:33

5    Bill T. Miller (billtmiller.com) - "Go" clip     00:37

6     LeMur: Amazing_Slack2 00:23

7     LeMur: Bob_Walk     00:13

8     LeMur: I_Guess_Youre_Right_Bob  00:23

9    Old Radio_Mil_World_Customs 2 01:05

10     George Bush: Pilled-Up Pink, or Unsaved Rogue SubGenius? (Stang cut-up)     07:55


Stang and Wei read the news on Methodist vs. Presybterian strife in Ohio (by iDRMRSR)


11     LeMur: Shutup4     00:13

12   best of bob - rev. norel pref 01:34

13   bob's unit - rev. norel pref 00:46

14   smoke him if you got him - rev. norel pref 00:43

15     stalin has slack - rev. norel pref 01:11

16     universal bob - rev. norel pref 00:33

17     "zappabobmixdown" - godrex     00:30

18     LeMur: Bob_Song1014   00:23

19     LeMur: The_Bob_Society2     00:46

20   bob to bob - rev. norel pref 01:36

21   I approve of this mess - rev. norel pref     00:37

22     psychic ass network - rev. norel pref 01:11

23     LeMur: Connie2     00:43

24     LeMur: Smoke_And_See2 00:46

25     LeMur: Three_Separate_Bobs     00:13

26     LeMur: Who_Nose9     00:13

27   a little creative - rev. norel pref 00:49

LIVE section:



Dr. Philo Drummond marries Rev. Kaos-Kitty

News of teX-Day, May 7 Austin TX

Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in:

Children and Schismz, Wars Between Religions, Judgement Day, Dave's $30, "Bob's" Rules, Bobsday School, Silly Religious Strife, Me and Michael Jackson, Magdalen's Custody Case, Judge Talk, X-Day: No Other Religionists Will Survive; we can't be held responsible for what "Bob's" friends from outer space might do... Why JUST a Joke? - Dave's Book. We Are Characters.

Hour of Slack: You Can Clear It Hearly

SubGeni-US vs. THEM

EndThe Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry seeks to brainwash you totally into abject lifelong subservience to The High Epopt and Living SlackMaster, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


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