Hour of Slack ##1043 -- Robert Anton Wilson on Hour of Slack #91

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1987 -- Stang opened for Robert Anton Wilson when he spoke in Dallas, and afterwards brought RAW into the KNON studios for an interview. KNON canceled Hour of Slack later, and it was never again played in Dallas. Luckily it was already syndicated in a dozen other cities.


Intro RAW

He met "Bob"!

Everyone a Pope

We stole his idea


Dobbs Enlightenment Test

His 666 secret societies

Discordian origins

On the Masons and Slack

Illuminati and Witches

I thought Illuminatus was fiction!

The Con

Enlightenment for amoebas vs. American TV viewers

Cults and Sickoes

No single Conspiracy -- 24 Cons -- Chaos, JHVH and Eris

Khomeini, Kennedy and Marilyn

Tim Leary is "Bob"

RAW's books -- Bummers invitation

"An Hour of Slack is longer than an Infinity of Boredom"

Slack = Something for Nothing

Life Extension and Smoking

Don't trsut UFOs and Channelers

GGG's JHVH-1 rant (Bolivia, 1986)

The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry seeks to brainwash you totally into abject lifelong subservience to The High Epopt and Living SlackMaster, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


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