Hour of Slack #1050 - Live 6-4-06 with Revs. Bleepo Abernathy and Baz Otherwise, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei "R." Doe

New SubGenius Book Finished

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Part A Collages

 1          LeMur: PR Gnus1290            00:36

2          LeMur: HOS Intro631            00:33

4          Norel Pref - bob's show    00:24

5          Dept. of Transmutation Intro #3            00:23

7          Terry Prathett's THE TRUTH audiobook - Slack drugs            01:17

10        Norel Pref - learn the whole story            00:48

12        LeMur: DragNest10 Cleveland            00:13

14        Terry Prathett's THE TRUTH audiobook - Progress            02:19

15            Buchanan Brothers - - When You See Those Flying Saucers- thanks 2 godrex 02:19



Live in Studio discussing new SubGenius book just finished


PART C - Collages

 11        LeMur: Its Called Bob1   00:36

3          LeMur: Big Fella Bob1            00:33

6            OldRadio Adv Spam1 00:05

8          LeMur: Success Story1 00:33

13            OldRadio TheDutch            00:10



 Live in studio, yakking re: The SubGenius Psychlopaedia of Slack - The Bobliographon


The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry seeks to brainwash you totally into abject lifelong subservience to The High Epopt and Living SlackMaster, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Rev. Norel Pref: http://norelpref.com


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