Hour of Slack #1058 - 9X-Day Report Pt. 4 -- Why a Goat? & The Billy Nayer Show

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All live recordings from 9X-Day Drill, July 2006

Special thanks to Rev. Maynard Brainard for recording the Billy Nayer Show soundboard


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1          HOS Intro #555            00:23

2          Billy Nayer Show, live 9X-Day: "MrSatanButterworth"            02:53

3          2 Credits Intro            01:31

4            Puzzling Evidence 7-7-06 - "X-Day, Mags, Punch            02:45

5          Ask Dr. Hal, 9X-Day: "Jesus Vs Bob - Punch - Amer            03:02

6          Radio Synaesthesia 7-9-06 - "Bonfire-Goat-Punch  04:00

7            Puzzling Evidence 7-7-06 - "Ale8-MagdalenCt            03:22

8          Credit-  Magdalen URLs  01:41

9          Ask Dr. Hal, 9X-Day: "Why a Goat?" 05:42

10        Atlantis Call      00:19

11        Ask Dr. Hal, 9X-Day: "Jupiter,  Bobbies - X-Day!! X            04:20

12            Modemac, Bucky, RevDrJack: Goat Shirt Auction            02:48

13        credit bucky2BNS            00:11

14        Billy Nayer Show, live 9X-Day: "Jesus, Fun Rap!"   05:10

15            Puzzling Evidence 7-7-06 - "BillyNayer, drive-in            01:35

16        Billy Nayer Show, live 9X-Day: Crazy Tit-it song    01:14

17        Billy Nayer Show, live 9X-Day: "Wrong Highway            02:51

18        6-30 Live HoSlack w/ Dr. Hal: "Bob-Dino-Caveman"            04:44

19        Rev. Carter LeBlanc: "Dumb Vs Stupid Monkeys"            03:38

20        Billy Nayer Show, live 9X-Day: "Tarzan Crescendo            00:33

21        Billy Nayer Show, live 9X-Day: "outro  01:07

22        Billy Nayer Show, live 9X-Day: "My Apartment            03:08

23            Puzzling Evidence 7-7-06 - "BillyNayer2JAMMING            00:21

24            Priestess Pisces & 5 Fisted Tails of Connie: "End Is Nigh"            01:10

25        cred, URL    00:41


Background music: 5 Fisted Tails of Connie and the Detardoes: Rev. Angry Larry on guitar, Carter on bass, Lonesome Cowboy Dave on guitar, Rev. Phil on drums and Princes Wei on flute.

Look for Puzzling Evidence show recordings by way of http://www.quiveringbrain.com

The Billy Nayer Show: http://billynayer.com

The Amino Acids http://www.theaminoacids.com

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