Hour of Slack #1067 - Live Show 9/24/06 - SubGenius News


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Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in to the studio for an animated discussion about "lawn mowing" (nudge nudge wink wink).

1     Puzzling Evidence radio intro 00:53

2     Spooky Hour of Slack Intro w_ Scream (LIL) 00:22

3     LeMur: Pig_Crop04     00:36

4     LeMur: HOS_Intro653   02:00

5    Norel Pref - Limited Life 2     00:26

6     LeMur: Friends #2   00:33

7    get anyone to do anyone - Norel Pref 00:58

8    Snot Mouth Tweedle-Rudy Schwartz Project     02:32

9    SubG News live     14:14

10     LeMur: PR Gnus #1304 00:33

11     toiletalitarians-norel     00:59

12   stop the tape- Norel 00:29

13   Live - Bucky, News, Schmoos     07:58

14     LeMur: Rootwild Oil Cream     00:36

15   Dr. Hal & Philo on PE - Who Smelt, Dealt 00:43

16     credit    00:07

17   norel pref epileptic reading list 00:20

18   norel pref- costly defeats     01:38

19     LeMur: Restaurant Song #3     00:23

20   lied 2 again-Norel 01:00

21   Live - Mowing the Mental Lawn 07:35

22     LeMur: Bob_ Visits Cleveland #2aXX 01:13

23   Live - Bob - Maybe Logic Academy SubG course URL     07:32

24   Chunk And Puff Air - Rudy Schwartz Project     05:30

25        credit RSP     00:28

Thanks to Mullah Mutata for some of the movie soundtrack clips

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The Rudy Schwartz Project: http://www.shiningsilence.com/rsp/

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