Hour of Slack #1070 - Rerun of #113, 1987, 'Just Quit Smoking'


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A show about the PAIN of NONSMOKING, recorded in 1987. The cold-turkeying Rev. Stang reads some choice human-bashing by Mark Twain and switches to excellent early Puzzling Evidence tapes when he can no longer handle it. Also includes classic Swinging Love Corpses, shrieking daughter of Stang, many special collage effects.

1          Just Quit Smoking Intro - 'The Hurt', Sivet Cry, Laughing Nonsmokers            07:25

2          Puzling Evidence w/ Hal, Gary G'broagfran, PE - Disco Poodle; Discollage            04:04

3          Jerry Lee Lewis Alien Collage            00:37

4          Dr. Hal: "He's_Bob            " song 01:22

5          Hinton Templar "Secret Team" & Stang bewailing            03:05

6          Stang Reads Mark Twain 1 (bg music: Stang)            03:38

7          Puzling Evidence w/ Hal, Gary G'broagfran, PE - Shoot the Natives-Collage            02:06

8          Sivet Cries    00:39

9          Collage-Puzling Evidence w/ Hal, Gary G'broagfran, PE - Life Pain - Baby's Butt - Went Normal            03:29

10        UFO PopSong Collage            01:29

11        Twain Quotes 2            02:33

12        Puzling Evidence w/ Hal, Gary G'broagfran, PE - There Could Be A God!    05:20

13        Twain Quotes 3            02:34

14        Nick Smith "Snake Milk" Ad - Ice Man clips            02:48

15        Stang Twain, SLC animal rights intro     02:17

16        The Swinging Love Corpses - "Our 4-Footed Brothers"            04:48

17        Stang Pledge Collage - Cig-Crash            03:08

18        GGGordon "The FINALS, Mister Dobbs?" - Michael Peppe & Stang            02:05

19        DK Jones- ARISE! music; Michael Peppe 'music' with Stang moaning            01:38

20        Rick Maverick & janor: "Kill Ramtha"            03:35

21        End - info on Maybe Logic SubGenius course (http:www.maybelogic.org)            00:43

SubGenius Online Course: http://www.maybelogic.org/stangcrs.htm

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