Hour of Slack #1078 - Time Control - Live Dec. 10 2006


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Lonesome Cowboy Dave joined Princess Wei and Rev. Stang in the WCSB studios for this Dec. 10 live show. The live yakking involves speculation on the nature of identity, time travel, and the nature of belief and religion. HEAVY STUFF!.

2            Hard Knocks for knuckleheads            01:11

3          LeMur: HOS Intro #660 - Toilet Burger 00:36

4          LeMur: "Bob" Buttons #02      00:43

5          LeMur: "Bob's" Drunk #1        00:13

6          Razna - hos-intro-aliens_full            00:14

7            TheQuietEarth-JULY_5            00:55

8          Norel Pref: I look forward to talking 00:33


9          LeMur: 20 Years #1            00:13

10        LeMur: "Bob's" Date #2        02:00

11        LeMur: bd_HOS_Intro651      00:23

12        LeMur: bd_This_Is_PRrrr015            00:23

13        LeMur: Beave It To Lemur #03            00:33

14            BigTrouble SFX            00:24


16        Norel Pref: dangerous waste   00:26

17        "Don't Get Smack" - Maynard Brainard            00:26

18        LeMur: Drag Nest #15 - "Bob" Accident            00:19

19        LeMur: Free Cash #02            00:16

20        LeMur: Lake Monsters            00:23

21        LeMur: Homelock            00:23

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