Hour of Slack #1091 -- The Perils of Google Warming


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Live show. We spent the day before this show futzing around all agog with Google Earth, which we had not previously investigated. It got us all revved up. Also, absurdist commentary on critical scientific issues.

1          LeMur: PR Gnus #1348  00:43

2          LeMur: A Warning            00:43

3          LeMur: 9090 Ministries            00:52

4          LeMur: HOS Intro #686 - Cleanliness            00:31

5          LeMur: "13013"            00:46

6          LeMur: A Blond            00:23

7          Rev. Norel pref: "moon fart            00:12

8          Rev. Norel pref: "stareway 2 nowhere            01:24

9          LeMur: According to "Bob"  00:06

10        Rev. Norel pref: "freely strut about   02:13

Live - Dave, Stang, Wei - Intro - Princess Wei low mike -  Magdalen's $3333.33… $pi6,666.61, Gary's phone number, 666 sex sex sexy, Dobbs numerology… 1998, X-Day … 8+1 = 9 1998=999.

"My suicide bombers can blow up your suicide bombers." -- Ivan Stang

In 1998 global warming will destroy the earth. "Tom Dave's Days in Dobbstown." All a psychic adventure that never happened. Solutions to global warming via geoengineering… giant trees, -- Wei on bad mike -- We must solve Global Warming with more good scientific ideas -- shade from flying saucers,  artificial volcanos. But why not instead FORCE CHILDREN TO ADAPT to the changing climate? Those SCIENTISTS sure never thought of that.   Dave's ear-hurting keyboard sound. Force-adapt kids to climate change. Every time we do anthing, it makes everything else worse.

Not fully human… see the aura of my Slack, from "Bob"… I'm Youngar! I nevar thought such Slack would evar happen! A Gawd of Slack… and Rudy Schwartz Project music in background.

 Stang dizzy from globe-hopping on Google Earth. Very Jetsonion. We used to have to use vehicles… Now you can bookmark places and LEAP to them. That's how we got to the station. Like the movies promised the Internet would be. In arching pole vault loops like Skull Islanders travel, or The Incredible Hulk. Found Skull Island…  we should salvage the temples of Skull Island using the Bong of Destiny and the Frop of Doom, underwater and fill balloons to raise the stones. Easter island heads and Mount Rushmore losing hair. We can fix that on X-Day. Takes more than money… takes few brain cells and that's where we fell short. We're not gonna get more brain cells but we can sure get more money. Look at the CoN! ALL they have is money, NO brain cells, and look how far they've come --  they've almost destroyed the world without the help of aliens!

Dave getting paranoid about them, it, and those. You can help save our raggedy brain cells by contributing yours to our bank -- the station of your choice.

Credits for collages, LeMur and Norel. 

11        Rev. Norel pref: "grandpa 4 dinner  00:18

12        Rev. Norel pref: "e coli cola            01:00

13        LeMur: Believe It or Kill Me #0095            00:51

14        Rev. Norel pref: "who touched me"      01:00

15        LeMur: 9 at 10 00:03

16        LeMur: 10 Devil            00:23

17        LeMur: 18 Friends #2            00:33

18        LeMur: 500 lb Mouse            00:10

19        LeMur: 13013 "Bob" #10      00:23

20        LeMur: A Fly   00:23

Live yak - Stang credits BeOrv It Lee Not, LeMur, Norel Pref. All Mannar of people… they found "Bob's" bones? … what's that knocking? It's Dave's monkay. "Dave Killed His Monkey." What a spazzy show.

Reliving places via Google Earth -- can't smell smells, but can see street views that other people left there. In Amsterdam red light district -- big prairie squid and squirting pig.  On Google Earth, if you go to Amsterdam, you'll get… high… Aushtubleeft your way out, go to outer space. World not THAT big… like orbiting… saw SOMEBODY in Philo's hot tub. They were going from ONE to the OTHER, but I can't say either on the air. With Google Earth Pro you see through rooftops and hear the audio. Timestamped… Eavesdrop on the Pope in the past. People in the future will be able to look back in the past and see us here in WCSB. With good focus you can focus down through the floors to the 9th floor and hear us saying this again. But you don't know WHEN you'll get.

Peepping? That's old age thinking, Dave.

They charge you for every leap. Baloney and hoo-haha! Can see down the Premiere's dress from space. Can read a comic book if print's bigger than 9 point. Staring at Mrs. Putin's pooter. Like a Magic Carpet that you won't fall off of, though you might want to in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Philo's secret Masonic brothels…

33rd degree Mason. I'm only 31. Not supposed to know about the later ones until you reach 32nd degree. Look at Jesus -- if He wasn't invisible. Jesus's man-bra… APRON… and wizard hats. Masons ARE wizards. Not the Shriners, but the guys in Washington, Hilalayas, moons of Saturn. The Eyeball guys of the Pyramid. The Secret Council of 23. The Ring of 39.

 We can give these secrets away because there's no one listeningwho has any idea what we're talking about.

Twinkly music. Lost in ozone -- is that Just John?

Determining Anna Nicole's death via her tampon smudges. Like reading tea leaves.

Just John "Juniper Zombie" . "Bob came and did something to all of us… the whorls of "Bob's" thumbprint is imbedded where our third eyes would be if drs didn't snip them off for religious reasons. They snip off a piece of your brain when you're a baby… for silly superstitious religious reasons.

This has been an unusually insane Hour of Slack… Third-Eye Gouging on Lent. A Wallet-gouging fool. Why can't "Bob" beat the Bilderbergers? People get condfused between con and dupe just as they get confused between the program and the file it creates.

I have to go to the doctor and get a core sample… to see if there's oil. 6 inch holes drilled all over me, to see if there's gas. Crazy music in bg… Dave plays along with Just John in advanced polyrythmic contrapuntalism. - What I'd say if I was tripping. … I used to think that way. But I don't think anymore. I swore off.

Dave whisper rant… here comes Santa Bob to take you to your just reward…

You're listening to HoS 1091, URL, etc. SubG does not have an O in it. 

21        A Laugh  00:47

22        A Real Problem            00:23

23        a the way the world works X copy            01:03

24            Abnormal Fetus            00:53

25            Accessory Organs            00:16

27        war between the newts   02:00

26        Believe It or Kill Me #0100  01:07

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