Hour of Slack #1097 -- Live 4-29-07 -- Brain Unlimited


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Live, with lots of current events and collages from Norel and LeMur

A     1097a-collages     05:50

1     LeMur: Pause To Destroy X-Day  00:08

2     LeMur: HOS Intro #692 - Boris Karloff     01:04

3    Rev. Norel Pref: "bob I can't thank you enough     01:03

4    "Gang Bangers" - Rev. Maynard Brainard     00:20

5    Rev. Norel Pref: "conspiring against bob  01:30

6     LeMur: Tell_Me_About_It     00:20

7     LeMur: Too Much Pizzicato     00:15

8     LeMur: PR Gnus #1344 00:33

9    Rev. Norel Pref: "life could happen at anytime     00:34


B    Live 1 - Lonesome, Stang, Wei     23:31

Psychopathfinder's background music- BRAIN UNLIMITED, within yr reach - I was just about to get off when that noise stopped ripping my brain in half. Zoogz Rift and Rudy Schwartz Project background music. The News - Nitrous Oxide - DOBBSHEAD TOMBSTONES LEGALIZED FOR MILITARY - Religion Logos? Unitarians? Xandy & The Lutherans; Jesus Christ Superstar vs. rock and roll. Lakeview Cemetary hide-out and the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run - Torso Killer - Anything 2 SubGenius Businessmen say WILL HAPPEN - Smell of the Hunt, Taste of the Shunt - Society - I sculpted my kids' heads - What does "Messed up" mean? - JHVH-1 alien hive mind from space - Con misdefined intelligence - idiots vs. genius - They always love the stupid one best" - Dave's angry at God - God's like a human -- petty, vain, a gland-controlled primate -- if we're made in God's image then He's descended from a damn monkey too.


Too much better than not enough SOUNDS good - sounding good is what religion's all about. Dave rant! We're all going...



C    The El Queso All-Stars: Planet X or bust 2003 excerpt     01:11     01:11


D    XDay collages     05:56


11     Lonesome Cowboy Dave, live at 8xday "SubGenius Anthem"      01:09

12   Rev. Bill T. Miller: X-Day's-a-comin short      01:06

13   Heart Ignition: "Special-Saucer"     01:41

14   Rev. Norel pref: "secret of x-da 01:04

15     LeMur: HOS Intro #690 - Naked Soul 00:13

16   Philo Drummond - X-Day-HeadBleed     00:42



E    Live 2    16:20


Credits - DaveMystery and Wei Wha...? - Wei makes Davely noise, Dave makes Weily noise - Can't find your eyes. Without Bob, you're just like a nose that smells but with no brain or face attached. Amen-talcase.


Wei Wire Service -- Bushchronium reading. The Monster Club and Humans. Bobby "Boris" Pickett and Monster mash... a Hollow Weener -- deflated. The Pincussion Man , his Big Pin and the Balloony-Land kids. That CIRCLE OF LIFE crap -- it's a trick! Death -- what was God thinking? So kids wouldn't have to smell old people forever.

A lot of decayed flesh laying around is still alive and voting. Vreedeez & Stang's Living Dead short stories... eating brains cause it hurts to be dead -- That's Bad News! Dead people's message. Wei is a Born Again Zombie. Indolent Pyrotechnician son - the Oyeh Man explanation - teX-Day and X-Day, the Xiosts...

F    XDay Collages 2     03:17

17   X-Day Col UFO nut Hambone Swaggart     02:12

18   X-DaySonG! - Gary G'Broagfran    00:28

19     Bernard X-Day Call 00:52



G    End Yak, URL, credits     02:13

20   Rev. Norel Pref: "and i don't exist 01:30

H    Rev. Norel Pref: "Ape News end X     01:26


JUST-JOHN background music

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