Hour of Slack #1109 - 10X-Day #2 - Live with Dr. Hal


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This episode is mostly the illustrious Dr. Hal (aka Dr. Howland Owl) and Rev. Ivan Stang doing a live Hour of Slack-yak from on stage at 10X-Day Festival at Brushwood, although live songs are thrown in from Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Priestess Pisces with 5-Fisted Tails of Connie, the X-Day spontaneous jam-band. AND it's all decorated with collages by Rev. Norel Pref and the great Mr. F. LeMur!


1     LeMur: HOS Intro #708 - I Killed 'im  00:25

2    10X2-HoSlack #1109 live with Dr. Hal & Stang a     16:20

3    Rev. Norel Pref: nightmare future     00:51

4    10X2-HoSlack #1109 live with Dr. Hal & Stang bXXX     04:49

5     Lonesome Cowboy Dave & The Mondo Retardo Band - "Substance Abuser     04:37

6    LeMur Prescription Drugs Doctor #2     00:19

7    10X2-HoSlack #1109 live with Dr. Hal & Stang c     04:21

8     Priestess Pisces and 5-Fisted Tails of Connie: "SubGenius Soldiers"     05:36

9    For The Children #2   00:17

10   10X2-HoSlack #1109 live with Dr. Hal & Stang d-Fastitacolon   08:46

11     Priestess Pisces and 5-Fisted Tails of Connie: "30 Billion Pinks"      01:24

12   10X2-HoSlack #1109 live with Dr. Hal & Stang e     03:20

13     "March of The Insignificant People" - The Chuck Hestons     01:39

14   10X2-HoSlack #1109 live with Dr. Hal & Stang f-Bulldada     05:33


Dr. Hal Robins: http://askdrhal.com

The Chuck Hestons: http://myspace.com/thechuckhestons

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