Hour of Slack #1116  -- Live 9-9-07 - Brain Damage and Bulldada News


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A live studio show with Lonesome Cowboy Dave. A new song by the unknown soldier "Loop-Aznavour" and some Norel Pref & also LeMur B.O. occasionally punctuate live ranting and yapping on BRAIN DAMAGE and also on the SUBJECT of brain damage. These are greatly helped by a "rug" composed of the new Rural War Room record from St. Byron Werner. Also, the hosts read actual REAL BULLDADA NEWS from the Bulldada News Blog on modemac.com. Keen background music by Speed Cave and Brave Combo.

1     LeMur: The Loneger Again #15 - Neil     00:44

2     LeMur: HOS Intro #707 - Bad Trouble     00:32

3    Rev. Norel Pref: ewe will 3     00:20

4    Rev. Norel Pref: Bob module     00:19

5     LeMur: Spit Floats #2     00:49

6    I Licked His Cornea     00:12

7     LeMur: Gas Chamber #2     00:30

8     LeMur: Accidents #4   00:50

9     LeMur: Get Rid of "Bob" #2   00:40

10     LeMur: KIll_You1     00:10

11     LeMur: Believe It or Kill Me #0140     00:38

12     LeMur: PCD 127 - Drug Brane 00:14


WEIRD COLLAGE from RURAL WAR ROOM's cd "Ring-a-Ding Orangutan" from myspace.com/ruralwarroomrecords

Over Live Yak by Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe:


Credits, brain damage = culture jamming; this show will be one vast noncogent THOUGHT, dragging its ass across the airwaves.

MODEMAC'S BULLDADA NEWS BLOG and signsofwitness.com

Alex Jones Arrested; Dave as Alex Jones; John from Ohio; our date with John Sinclair, Amsterdam Frop Cup in November; Baltimore Devival in November

Dibs on X-Day; Bootyism; Zero-Sized Models; Brave Combo and Us at 1984 Republican National Convention - Dead Kennedys

My Hernia Operation, Giant Nurses - GOES INSANE


13     LeMur: Defective #08 - Say What 01:03

14     LeMur: Hop Heads #4     00:48

15   Loop-Aznavour -- "I'm Getting Dumber"     02:03

16   Rev. Norel Pref:  airplane glue 01:08


Credits - Brain Damage Theme - Looking Up at "Bob" - Whiffreading - BEGIN THE SILENCE NOW (with Speed Cave music) - News: Am I Bovvered? Christian VA Benefits screw-up - V.A. Admin and The Good Pils - Pils Rant - News: The Pink Dollar; Stang, Dave rants


17     LeMur: Mobro #2     00:19

18   Rev. Norel Pref: slow bob  00:42

Dave Rant on Our Children

Dave and Wei - Guns the American Way

Sorry You Took Those Drugs, Kids? You think "Bob's" a Bad Trip, wait'll you see SATAN - Letter to Rev. Stang from Dave & Wei - X-Day Drills Vs. Nose Drills - TURL & PO - 814 occult numbers!


19   Stang at Starwood 27  -Whats In Bobs Pipe!!     02:24

20     Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Mondo Retardo live at 10 X-Day - Beat_Me_To_A_Pulpit     00:53

Background music:

WEIRD COLLAGE from RURAL WAR ROOM's cd "Ring-a-Ding Orangutan" from http://myspace.com/ruralwarroomrecords

SPEED CAVE 9Pod9@apeedcave.com



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"Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse, WREK, MP3 podcast: http://tinyurl.com/gpyba



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