Hour of Slack #1119 -- "Bob" Rants in Toyland - Live 2007-09-23


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Mostly live and very lively in the WCSB-Cleveland studio. This episode starts with a LeMur Collage Montage Barrage, but swiftly generates into a crazed travelog of Toyland with Princess Wei and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. I, Stang went a bit nuts ranting, possibly due to a manly mug of murk purchased from a coin-operated coffee dispenser in the student lounge and chugged just before the show.

a-All-Lemur_Collages     10:05:

1    PCD 125 - Lakes 00:32

2    HOS Intro #714 - Gas Coupe 00:33

3    HOS Intro #715 - Space Cadets     00:57

4    HOS Intro #716 - Coffee     00:44

5    HOS Intro #717 - Potato Field 00:39

6     Le_Mur--Sympathy_Sep07a 01:23

8    Car Squawk #8     00:18

9    Cut it Out     00:29

10   HOS Intro #718 - Like Nicotine     00:25

11     Emotional Stability #2   00:52

12   PR Gnus #1363     00:47

13     Fluffy Cream #2     00:08

14   HOS Intro #736 - Now Is The Hour     00:25

15   PCD 130 - Toilet Truth 00:19

16   Giant "Bobs"     01:05

17   HOS Intro #719 - Uniforms     00:21


b-Live-in_Toyland     10:20:


Our Uniforms. All-LeMur HoS intros. Dave & Wei in Toyland. Genital Mutilation in the Church of the SubGenius. Kids SubGenius - Li'l Hour of Slack. Wee Wei. Puppet People vs. Bride of Frankenstein


c- LeMur Collages2     01:38:

18   HOS Intro #720 - What Next 00:21

19     Emotional Stability #3   00:55

20   PCD 128 - Ordinary Comas 00:21


4    d-Live-TaseMe-FingerSuckers! 15:07


TASE ME, BRO! Trick Tasers. Pingo Pongo version: Sweet Georgia Brown. Asstral Sole Travel, Sub-style. Liquid Slack. We Are Better, Just 'Cause. Most People SUCK THE FINGER! - Fingersuckers/Bobbies rant. "Bob" is too good to be true.


e-Live-BobRants-BobScouts X     18:53:



(continued) "Bob" is no TOOTHLESS God! Will you be his next burger? Why The Chicken Cannot Return Your Love. The Age of Giant Birds. Bigfoot and Hoaxes of Hoaxes. I'm a Child of "Bob's Love and I hate all those who aren't -- My Christian Boss. "Bob's" real purpose for X-Day was to kill all the SUBS not the Pinks. The Kissing of the Clenched Cheek, Philo-Style. There are two O's in "dot-com". Write Your Own Prescription! "Bob" Wants You Rich - The CRUTCH of the SubGenius. Floating Stone Smiths. You Poor Poor Thing. Dave and Wei Braiding the Brain. Join the "Bob" Scouts -- you can be a queer, we don't care.


f-EndRant&LeMur     03:48:

URL, "He's "Bob" sing-along, Upcoming Devivals.


21     LeMur: HOS Intro #723 - It Isn't True 01:00


1     Toyland   08:01

2    Pingo Pongo 06:39

3    He's Bob (Ibiza Sunrise on the Dancefloor, Dancefloor rmx) 02:31

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