Hour of Slack #1122 - Chas Smith Tribute

63:58 (PG radio version is 59:48 -- lacks the last song)

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Last week, on Oct. 16, we lost one of the biggest contributors to Hour of Slack, and to Slack in general: Chas Smith, who has peacefully vacated Earth Plane One for greener pastures. This episode is all songs from his band, Einstein's Secret Orchestra, and clips from his old radio show, Swamp Radio, which is where some of the best parts of Hour of Slack came from originally -- and excerpts from SubGenius devivals, where Chas & his bandmates headlined at pretty much every show we did in the NE U.S.A. for about 10 years.

Bon Voyage, Professor Chas.

Donations for the family can be sent directly to:

Donation for Charles V. Smith

U.S. Bank 26410 Lakeshore

Euclid, Ohio 44132

Please make checks payable to Donation of Charles V. Smith

See http://chastribute.com to donate online and see a photo gallery

1          Swamp Radio 7-10-03-HoSIntros1            00:18

2          Swamp Radio  9-21i/SLACK FLUID open            01:10

3          Swamp Radio  111502-ItsLaterThanUThink   00:55

4          Swamp Radio  3703a-ESO Intro            00:50

5          Swamp Radio - ESOVol9SquidBrunelle            01:52

6          Chas Tribute intro (Stang) 06:00

7            Einstein's Secret Orchestra: Jaguar Night            04:25

8          Chas Smith: WildernessOBob        01:45

9          Swamp Radio -  ESOlution            03:30

10            Einstein's Secret Orchestra:  Midnight Growing Pale            04:26

11        Swamp Radio -  EARTH FIRST/Who Speeks 4 Earth            01:44

12        ESO and Stang - XX-Day 1999 "SexDay"            02:11

13        Swamp Radio -  9-21/X-DayFlesh=Grass         00:45

14        Chas Smith:  "deBobbie"            03:41

15        Swamp Radio - 01-30-03f-Bag of Water & White Sticks  02:26

16        Chas Smith - Earth We Must Get Off      00:31

17        Swamp Radio - 8-1-03b-StarwoodMud!           03:51

18        Swamp Radio -  2-21-03i SokaMamaNeonBeach            00:59

19        Swamp Radio - 9-130-2e SongsChasPlayed9-11            01:26

20            XXBuildSHip 01:20

21        Swamp Radio - 4-25-03k - God Must Be A Cowboy+            05:53

22        Swamp Radio - 11-23-0-08 Leary/Life After Death!!!            04:21

23        Swamp Radio - 10-31-03-END-HALLOWEEN         00:48

24        Swamp Radio - 9-28-00- Show END    01:35

25        Swamp Radio - 11-9-00 "SUBGENIUS LULLABY," END    02:34

26        End URL    00:17

27        ESO at Winterstar01 Us and All Our Friends Are So Fucked Up       04:09

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