Hour of Slack #1128 - Live 2007-12-02 Amsterdam Frop Cup Devival & Field Trip


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LeMur: HOS Intro #739 - Feverish Activity Oh Boy     00:34

High Times-TV Interview 1    01:06

LeMur: HOS Intro #548     00:23

Norel Pref: bob on a totally dark night     01:00

Phineas Narco: The Walrus Cover Medley     04:56

Live with Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe:

 Dave soliloquoy -  liquid on the brain. Stang: "We're here to change the brain cells inside your head" from ancient script. And so we have smoken. Signsofwitness.com, the signs are there: the birds are vanishing. The tigers have all been eaten. The polar bears are melting. Genetically engineered chemtrails. Foods made of antibiotics. People are still naming teddy bears muhammed. China has declared cyberwar. American brain viruses in every African airport. More scryscapers reaching for the skies. Credit Phineas. If the public has brain cells left, we can kill them. We have no brain cells left after Amsterdam Frop Cup and Baltimore devival. Bob's cousins The Doobs Brothers - drug smugglers and rock stars. Wedging my name in before the title. New Futurama movie -- Groening beat me to several SubGenius movi plot gimmicks. My brain flensed in Hole-in-Head-Land. Cannabis Cup vs. Frop Cup and D-Cup. Transparent rolling papers - the Visible Joint. Walking in on SubGeniuses mating in middle of our apartment - shordurperlust - sexhurt, the divine battle! He fertilizes the eggs and then hammers his member to a board and swings bowling balls from it. Crazy White Sean's sui-sideshow performance. How the Cannabis Cup really is -- walking and buying and sampling. Actual marijuana names: Blue Cheese, Amnesia Haze -- as opposed to the FROP. We were at Suzanne Bilderberger art gallery.

Frop Cup Winners: Super Jenkem Haze, Limburgher Skunk, Bloody Cough Mist. Former Genius Afghani, Candy Frappy Skunk Stool. Nederlobotomy, Screaming Skull, Mind Crash Hash, Brain Poo, Silver Schizo, Mister Nothinghead, Bionic Manson,Black Trainwreck -- forget whose grave it was grown on, or whose droppings -- Chemo Crunt Flash -- if you remember it, it's no good -- LUNK (lung junk) products: Ice Lunk, Lunk Oil, Death Lunk Hash. Description of lunk. Blue Brain Damage. Foggy Vision Heart Attack, Pineapple Seathstar, Timewarp Mania Dub, Sonic Boom Sativa and Princess Bob Indica (which is a REAL pot strain!) If you remember it, you know you were ripped off.

RIAA is ahead of everybody on spy techniques. We were all part bird. Reminiscing about Thunderbird Wine -- whole label recited. 25 years old and look at me. The Hand-Grenade Joe comic on the inside of the Thunderbird label, drawn by Ernie Bushmiller - pre-Zippy surrealism.

Emperor Anheiser Bush. I'd save Nixon's brain if I thought that'd replace George Bush. Dave does hit of Nixon's Brain. Smell the Feuhrer's Brain! Mach Schmell! Gun from Dobbs. The Rice Table Meal, groente soep and droggz in the bad kamer. Rocknar always had duck. Butt duck mixed with Jack Herer. Jack Herer's voice.

Xmas in Neanderthallands - SinterKlaas & Black Piter. Discussion of Black Peters. Schwarze Piter. Chief Wahoo. Racial Epithet Network, right wing talk shows. Minorities must stop fighting among themselves. Subs, stop fighting each other and fight poverty - get rich and give money to (this station). 

Dave pinched his dharma nerve. He phat. 

Joseph's Fezes from Fez, and Masons. The Internet is TV now.

Shop called "We" on Kaalverstraat. Marie the French unrepentant punstress or punita. Punerro. iPune.

Go wandering in the Vondlpark. Verse Wafels or Worse Vafels. The fun of misreading Dutch labels. You pindakaas. Peanut cheese.

I came up with new movie idea last night -- but won't tell Groening Soep.

Nenslo = Ken DeVries =/ Vera DeVries = Xaviera Hollander. History of The Happy Hooker. Dave was her research dodo. The SubGenius Thanksgiving Dinner at Xaviera Hollander's house. Who plays Dave in movies? Bruce Willis. Clint Eastwood. Mel Gibson already played Dave, in Conspiracy Theory.

RIAA. The Light in Your Head means something Sinister is coming soon. The new shoe smell when we were littl girls.

7 minutes left. Thanks to listeners who paid pledges. Death to non-pledgers unless they're planning to pay. I'll be sleeping on Castro Street but not in San Francisco. 

We were paid 300 Euros each to compensate for getting our lobotomies an  hour and a half late. More bucks per euro per minute. I accidentally smuggled contraband into US accidentally. Could have sold $10 mil in hash to school kids but IT WOULD BE WRRRRONG. One orange costs $7.50 in California. Economic parity with Californians and parrots. Pedophilia with a foot. Foot Fetish Hash vs. GYM SOCK SKUNK HYBRID JENKEM.

Ladies and Jenkems - this is HoS 1128, URL, PO Box, credits LeMur and Norel Pref

Norel Pref: something's not right - SubGenius     02:07

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