Hour of Slack #1133 - Live 2008-01-06 - Son of The Conspiracy


First, the Puzzling Evidence Show attempts to hijack our precious Hour of Slack. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to save the day, and spouts bravely amidst recordings of  live sermons from Baltimore and Amsterdam devivals, and collages about the nature of The Conspiracy of the Normals as well as the various Major Lesser Conspiracies.

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"PuzEv" = The Puzzling Evidence Show from KPFA-Berkeley, Dec. 7, 2007

1     Lemur:  Husbands Only 00:42

2    Rev. Norel Pref:  say what_ 01:13

3     LeMur: HOS Intro #744 - Karloff This Is No Monkey     00:56

4     Ubersquirt Drummond EYIYI! short 00:07

5    The Loneger Again #21 - Boring "Bob" Story 00:50

6     LeMur:  Wank Machines     00:40

7    Rev. Ivan Stang, Baltimore '07 devival: - Conspiracies - Kissing Ass-Jesus Okay 02:00

8    Norel Pref - armageddon     00:26

9    Rev. Norel Pref:   aren't you bob  01:00

10     Puzzling Evidence Show - Church of Doug-Gary-Hal  06:26

Live Yakking, Stang & Princess Wei:

That wasn't real show -- Dougling Wevidence, Dropter Hal, b'Gary G'Broagfran, Bishclops Joey credits...Sex Goddesses are here and they are We/I.

Plug for new movie with The Amino Acids & "Bob":


A suitably infabulous beginning to what shall surely be declared the Full Metal Opus of our generation, nay, of our very home planet! For which rodwielding manjack among you can deny that, with this seemingly Earth-produced "short video," we see revealed as if from beneath a bloody blanket the very fuehtchar of brain-butchered MereHumanity?!? Shall they not indeed fall like pins?!? Row upon row of them until, as goretold in prophecy, THEY ALL END UP ON THEIR HEADS?!? Which is it? WHICH shall it be? What of the BOZO contingent? Shall our path lead to Slack Decimation, or Slack Enhancement? WE MUST NEEDS CHOOSE OUR FUEHTCHARS CAREFULLY! LET THIS MOTION PICTCHAR BE A LESSON TO YOU!

Wei/Stang plug band Maggie, Pierce and EJ

11     Maggie, Pierce and EJ: "Twisted" - (Lambert Hendricks Ross) 02:07

Live Yakking, Stang & Princess Wei:

2 Heads better than one -- our motto. Our matching half-brain-cells each. Can do our jobs with half a brain cell. BG music: Lucifer Rising s/t. Maggie, Pierce and EJ's career... if we were like Britney.

News of Rev. Magdalen's custody case luck, and her new son Rev. Bonecracker... and his fuehtchar. 

Waiting for Dave to call; intro collages and rants on The Conspiracy.

12     LeMur: My Back #2   00:27

13     LeMur:  PCD #132 - Fat Girls 00:29

15   Rev. Norel Pref:   cannot get that job done 00:42

16     LeMur: Debate #14  00:44

17   Rev. Ivan Stang, Baltimore '07 devival: 16 - Patriopsychotic      Anarchomaterialism -- Nenslo Quote 01:34

18   Papa Joe Mama -- Tampa Devival live: "Star Spangled Banner SubGenius Style "01:26

Live Yakking, Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dave & Princess Wei:

Dave on the primate erections. Flakky Gravitas... brows furrowed as if plowed, to plant the seeds of doubt. Babies for kissing. Nenslo & Huckabee. The unelectables.

The hidden speed cameras, and robots who monitor robots, and vandalising robots who monitor robot vandalizers. Doing it not only to Wei but to US! Big Brother is watching Big Sister watching you. If I had spy cams I'd look for bare naked ladies. Moonshiners, pornographers and Errorists. Mistakers, not Misgivers. If only they would take the misgivers but they give the mistakers 20 years in jail. How not to vandalize the speed trap robots and the speed trap robot DECOYS. Vandalize your own property. Some get kinky thrills from being watched. Millions are into elderly sex webcams. "Two Seniors One Jug of Jenkem". PuzEv: "1st you make the art, then insure the art, burn the art and collect the money." Keeping the good art in circus side shows and college radio stations.

Driving yourselves nuts by watching TV political news... arguing with your appliances.

When you buy from Bob, it isn't the product you're buying, it's BOB. It just reminds you of when you bought it... from "Bob". And "Bob" is God, and politicians are the Devil. Princess Wei doesn't believe in angels but she is an angel -- AND a devil in underpants. She balances her halo well on her horns. The Demonistic Urge and your lower chakras. Devils are economically more successful. Were-Devils and were-angels. Angels with tasers. Jammy Devils. Every time somebody farts a new devil gets its horns. And I smell a two-horner...

The Bush Fart Joke of Caesar Venezuela. Volcanoes are the jenkem of Gaia escaping. Poisonous gas goes downhill to the prisoners, janitors, finally the man at the top of the hill. They all end up on their heads. Neglect is the backbone of our SubGenius slovenliness and uselessness. Dave got many medals for neglect but we neglected to give them because we wanted the prize. The Bobbie Awards -- 3 years at a time. The Round Tuits. Can't smoke joints 'cause joints hurt. Medical Marijuana cured my cannibalism but they took it away. Even WalMart pee-tests you for cannibalism. The Word Conspiracy... and crack pots. The Masonic Satanic Jewish Con doesn't exist conspared to the Sex Goddess conspiracy.

Soon the show will end. Cleveland HoS 1133, out of order due to confusing state of Ohio. Subgenius.com. The prisoners need the address... Cleveland Bluffs in the buff.

19   Rev. Norel Pref:  destroying intelligence   00:22

20   Rev. Norel Pref:  bush just likes to blow things up     00:38

21   Dr. Hal Robins - -Amsterdam 07 devival at The Ahknaton - Slack & Con! 03:09

22   Lost Horizon Rant eotw edit (Sam Jaffe as the High Lama - from restored version of Capra film) 01:35

23     LeMur, Stang "Sorry Blues #2" End Clip     00:52

14     LeMur: Defective #09 - Say What Again     00:53


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