Hour of Slack #1134 - Amsterdam SubGenius Devival 2007 Pt 1


First, the Puzzling Evidence Show attempts to hijack our precious Hour of Slack. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to save the day, and spouts bravely amidst recordings of  live sermons from Baltimore and Amsterdam devivals, and collages about the nature of The Conspiracy of the Normals as well as the various Major Lesser Conspiracies.

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"PuzEv" = The Puzzling Evidence Show from KPFA-Berkeley, Dec. 7, 2007

 Look! Look! It's all Dobbsheads! It's like a sea of Dobbsheads!

We're standing under the Overtoom, in a subterranean pirate radio basement station in Amsterdam, Holland. Dr. Hal is here, and Princess Wei, Pope Black, and Governor Rocknar, and a number of humans or SubGeniuses wearing Dobbsheads masks, making the whole scene look like some kind of warped, twisted Fellini movie. Yes, it's like living in a foreign film. Everything is there except the  subtitles; and oh, how I miss the subtitles, which might explain to me what the hell is really going on here.  But, of that I remain ignorant, as perhaps you too the listener. All we can do is  have faith, yes faith in that FACE of JR Bob Dobbs. That endless, bedotted, half-tone -- oh, sometimes high contrast -- FACE. If we can but seize upon that as the FOCUS of our  attention, our LOVE and our thoughts, perhaps we can be safely guided back to a place of COOL music, and cool speech, talking and so forth. But in the meantime, we're trapped, here in this clammy basement with the Church of the SubGenius.

"PE" = The Puzzling Evidence Show from KPFA-Berkeley, Dec. 7, 2007

1     StangDoe in Amsterdam - HoS intro at Barneys     01:17

2     LeMur: HOS Intro #760 - Xmas Children of Holland     00:27

3    Radio Patapoe UnderOvertoom redo     01:28

4    Norel Pref:  megachurch sex  00:24

5    Radio Pataoe - You Need Slack - Patap - Heaven     01:52

6     Amsterdam - street noises w- Hal  00:13

7    High Times TV_Interview w/ Stang, Hal     01:17

8    Radio Patapoe 4- Bring More Past 2 Future     00:24

9     Mutate Now: "Mutate Now" 03:34

10     credits MutateNow 2 PE 01:08

11   PE-FropCup-Lunk! 05:05

12   Norel Pref: your daughter is a psychopath     00:39

13     LeMur: HOS Intro #741 - Oh No Cum Early-LUNKHEAD XX   01:01

14   PE - Lunker-!     04:30

15     LeMur: Stoner #2   00:17

16     Amsterdam BobRant     00:38

17   Stang after Nu-Monet, Baltimore Devival 07 - What Bob Smokes In Pipe! X     02:23

18     LeMur: HOS Intro #762 - By Gobbs, Takeoff     00:49

19   PE - Good Dead Air - silence     04:16

20     Mutate Now: "Stupid Is Cool" 02:34

21   Cred MutateNow 2 PE 00:38

22   PE - John Sinclair & Excremeditation 01:08

23     Cannabis Cup Expo - meeting John Sinclair - with Joseph Daddy of Jesus 00:42

24   John Sinclair Show - Stang-Hal     03:41

25   Rev. Norel Pref: sooper dooper Bob      00:49

26   cred Norel 2 PE     00:06

27   PE-DutchBoy     02:31

28     Glassmadness - ""Bob" Is a Rock"     00:32

29     credit Glassmadness 2 hal     00:09

30   Dr. Hal - Amsterdam07 - Frop & Slack 01:34

31   PE-SHow Out of Control     01:24

32     Amsterdam07_Pope Black rants 03:31

33     Amsterdam07_Wedding of Pope Black %& Nina XX     07:08

34   Dr. Hal @ Amsterdam 07 - Selling Rev X 00:35

35   End Cred Hal, URL  00:36

36   Radio Patapoe -Stang Sign-off     01:16

37     Ubersquirt EYIYI! short 00:07

In the middle of this chaos, two crazy German guys showed up in "Bob" masks, accompanied by someone we know from DEVOtionals: Scott Stanton of Sick Video, http://sickvideo.com He and these German guys had formed a band, Mutate Now -- http://www.myspace.com/mutatenow, or http://youtube.com/user/mutatenow -- which utilizes Dobbsheads extensively in their DEVOesque music video, Stupid is Cool:

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