Hour of Slack #1137 -- Live 1-27-08: You Can't Block "Bob's" Spam


Live show with much on-air preaching, plus music by amazing newly-discovered prehistoric bands like Mose Gicanticus. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in broken, but he is somewhat repaired during the course of the show. All attempts to introduce serious pertinent discussion about current affairs are effectively rebuffed.

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"PuzEv" = The Puzzling Evidence Show from KPFA-Berkeley, Dec. 7, 2007 with Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, Bishop Joey, K-Rob, Rev. Leslie, Michael Peppe

3     LeMur: I'm Pretty Ugly 00:20

4     Baltimore Devival Crowd Praise Bob     00:13

5     LeMur: HOS Intro #763 - I've Lost It     00:21

6    Rev. Norel Pref:  logical weapons     01:05

7    no conspiracy     00:15

8     Puzzling Evidence Show: ShowStart?-25 yrs-drugs-ghost?!     02:40

9     Futurama-Yeti     00:41

10   Mose Giganticus - "Mr. Roboto"     05:17

11     Ruinae "Dobbs I"   03:51


Live Stang & Wei: Credit Mose Giganticus, thanks to Rev. Brainard - mosegiganticus.com - Ruinae in background - It's cold and the Dave is broken. Getting Texans joining, and prisoners. Schedule of devivals: Feb 1 - Xist Summoning Ritual in VA - Feb. 3 Michican Stupor Bowl in Ypsi, at Elbow Room. In L.A., art show at Merry Karnowski Gallery w/ St. Byron Werner, Robert Williams, Gary Panter, Todd Shorr, Mark Mothersbaugh, Dennis Worden, Feb 9-March 8. April 19 - Final SubGenius Devival in Seattle at Transcendent Church of Bass, or chikenhed.us, w/ Chicknhed, Dr. Hal, Strno, Popess Lilith, Nenslo, and Hemorrhoy Rogers... Winterstar 25, Atwood Lake Lodge, Delroy Ohio Feb. 28-March 2, rosencomet.com - The Dave is broken. Walking on the ice, he flew into the air and then fell straight down. Send healing waves to Ashtabula. Credits to norelpref.com, LeMur collages. How to get stuff on HoSlack.


12   Mose Giganticus - "BitZ Rot" 00:37

13     LeMur: Hosin #02  00:09

14   Rev. Norel Pref: fading     00:19

15   Rev. Norel Pref: fish_ it's absurd! copy 00:59


Stang, Wei, Dave: Elephants in Dave's Pants. At CoSG and need hair done, can get whole HEAD done. Can redo specific parts of brain. Can remove ugly memories (but you probably don't remember) - hard to implant NEW memories. Expensive! The playback is tricky -- scrambled. The ovum is contaminated. Big birds... The Birds. Hitchcock's dirty name.  Drum dryer crisis. Dave, have you been having bad dreams or implanted memories? 10 Arnold Schwarzenneger movies where he had that problem. Political shows there to confuse the children. Mr. Rogaine instead of Mr. Rogers. The politicians aren't really human. Hillary's mask slips late in the day, and sags. Bush bashing is like wallpaper on any college radio show. And why belabor the obvious? This isn't the Hour of Whining about Problems a World Away... that's what  "Bob's" for! He makes the simple complex! By accident! Our ship will come in and our train will leave this station. Praying for X-Day. Dobbs has Supra-Personal relationship with God. "Supra-Sexual."


Knew this would be worst HoS ever because the coffee machine isn't working. Only reason I do these shows is the coffee. Dave scared aliens won't pick him up. When will aliens alive? They whine. The lesson of X-Day - can't wait for gods and monsters! We have to destroy those sities ourselves! We must cripple those children and heal them, send those floods and Tsunamis. Don't lean on God. Let God lean on you. Be "Bob's" crutch. Slack will get you through times of no slack - channeled through Zeppo. Like Zippy or the 100 G monkeys, what will pop out but the gravedigger scene from Hamlet! Yorick was Hamlet's daddy's professional SubGenius - ended up on his head like they all do. Ophelia Rump jumped into the water. "The recording's the thing." To me it's not real until you have the recording and a safety copy off premises. Everybody gets 15 minutes of LIFE. We get an hour of life a week.


Xists never coming - patience the only form of time control - lean on God, or not? Yes! The nail that sticks up shall be beaten down. Come on, stick up for yourself! The WussGenius. Church of wimpy nerdy real geniuses - the weak sissy geniuses. The cheat sheet flies in on a wing and a prayer - Pigasus -  Dobbstown below - no pollution because no heating, or air. We come to the palace, gambling hall and strip joint. Everyone has a neck brace that tightens and decapitates you if you break rules. Philo doesn't have to wear it... some say the neck brace IS the Xist. But really just a security device. "Bob" wouldn't lie! A little white lie. "Bob" has to trick the lowerarchy into helping themselves. When they give us money that tricks them into thinking something good is going to happen. It's mumbo jumbo but it works! When white lies resemble white maggots, switch from vodka to everclear. Drinking yourself to death. My computer said that was the most logical thing to do. "Drink yourselves to death."


Computers have a way of screwing you. 30 percent of Americans having spritual relationship with their computer. I have direct broadband to "Bob" -- broadband -  so wide you can't get around it. Can't denial of service attack it! Can't spam it! Your prayers can't make it through Bobs thick skull, and you spam can't make with through his junk filter. But EVERYTHING is Bob or God's spam.God knows everything worth knowing, Bob knows everythingg else. Bob doesn't need the implant -- he's a chipless bastard! Kicked over the chemical toilet! Fertilize the earth and your MIND!


Politics dung - you can call Radio Synaesthesia and talk about the politics. We don't take calls. The Broken Dave Theme Special - with his brain in a cast. He wears wig when stays home but I had to shave and put on my mullet wig. What if you got a mullet FISH? What wouldn't "Bob" do? Have to look it up in the books. If we don't have it you don't need it. We/I have very large skulls, relative to small stature. Little Big Head. Stumpy Bighead rants. Stumpy doesn't mind when people laugh at Stumpy.


I promised to play gravediggers and that guy's song, another Ivan - The Pineal Ivan. We all have to leave. Friends, Dave is broke, if you want to contribute - subgenius.com.  


16   Mose Giganticus - "Clones"     02:45

17     Hamlet (1948) Gravedigger_Yorick     03:10

18     LeMur: HOS Intro #769 - Flying Saucer     00:58

19   Rev. Norel Pref: how much do you think_     01:06

20   Ivan Gomez call: PlayMy Song! 00:53

21   "In the Belly of the Thunderbird" - Ivan Gomez 01:36

Stang credit - URL and PO

43     LeMur: Floyd's Sekret Life #2     00:54


Mose Giganticus: http://www.mosegiganticus.com

Background music by Ruinae (source unknown! But it's a piece called "Dobbs 1")

Amino Acids movie: http://WWW.FATALEPICTURES.COM

The Amino Acids: http://theaminoacids.com

Dr. Hal Robins: http://askdrhal.com

Look for Puzzling Evidence show recordings by way of http://www.quiveringbrain.com or streaming from http://kpfa.org

Rev. Norel Pref: http://norelpref.com

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