Hour of Slack #1139 -- Bingo Gas Station Motel Cheeseburger with a Side of Aircraft Noise and You'll Be Gary Indiana


Wallowing in The Pigsty of Pure Slack, they do more than come hither and yon. A mostly-live show with much talk about Snake Women, and cuts from the great bulldada 1972 underground Biblical Western, Greaser's Palace. Hamlet included. HOT.

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"PuzEv" = The Puzzling Evidence Show from KPFA-Berkeley, Dec. 7, 2007 with Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, Bishop Joey, K-Rob, Rev. Leslie, Michael Peppe, Rev. Ivan Stang

"LBM" = clip from Little Big Man (words by Thomas Berger)

"Hell" = "A Season in Hell" excerpt

4     LeMur: HOS Intro #771 - We're Friends     00:44

5     Greaser's Palace   I'm Not Bizarre Enough     00:20

6     Greaser's Palace  He's TheO ne-I'm Disappointed   00:13

7     Healing2,WhyHere?   00:40

8     LeMur: Green Ministry     01:02

9    Rev. Norel Pref: hump hump hump hump 00:08

10     Shallow Hal-Ugly Self Image 00:22

11     Futurama-1ThingNot2Things     00:07

12     LeMur:  Not Worthy     00:05

13     Razna: This What Bob Can Do     00:21

14     Bleepo Abernathy GirlsGoneFeralMIX01     01:02

15   LBM-Spider On Hot Stove     00:36

16     Greaser's Palace SONG 02:34

17     HamletCuntryMatters 00:33

18   Rev. Norel Pref: bimbo 00:33

19   Rev. Norel Pref: inside the box  00:49

20   LBM -EnthusiasticCopulation   00:37

21     Greaser's Palace Red Snapper & Pick a Card 01:21

LIVE YAK with Wei, Stang, Dave

Welcome -- Rev. Angry Larry's AUTO ROBOT FISDH "RUNNING GODS" is music in bg… Aminos are on tour. Here to warm you, for it is cold in Cleveland. Getting to the station was dangerous but beautiful. 1 degree F, meaning beauty & danger, snakes of blowing snow. So good to be able to drive. There's those who can't pass a driver's test. Snow devils vs. dust devils. Martian dust devils. A wispy snowstorm, Burning Man vs. Snowing Man. Wei plugs Winterstar (Feb. 28-March 2). Guest list -- Steve and Ina May Gaskin. Midwiffery. A HEALING Winterstar with Voodoo, and us, and Bleepo. The Space Jam Cabin sans Chas. Rosencomet.com or subgenius.com. The buttons on SubSITE stump some Subs. Credits -- Greaser's Palace songs -- desc. Of Greaser's Palace and spirit of the stoner age -- zoot suit Jesus parachutes into the Old West. Norel, Lemur creds. DAVE calls in. Torture works in ALL circumstances. Code words - "Hal Needs a Gal." Dave will now see how hot the plumpers are! Dave has new girlfriend, Popular Bull Girl Davina. She's a demon who humps his leg… made of plasma. He isn't sure she exists but then he plays a tape of her voice and even We/I could hear it and it's on the recording, so she's not hallucinated. Holding her at bay, or dock or whatever. "Some life forms have ironic sex lives." I may have said that already… my Dad and I repeat ourselves a lot… Sea slug sex… didn't I already do this routine? (Gags on same gags.) Discussion of erectile cartilage -- my Dad's collection of those penile cartilages, of bears and walruses. Dave's granddad shows off private parts too. You can do anything you want BECAUSE IT'S A DISEASE. Liquor store parking lots and liquor have replaced rubber rooms and psychiatrists. Dobbs and Dr. Dobbson. You know how preachers' kids are. "Bob" is up aganst every famil;y he can gets his hands on. Loves OLDER gals. Family jewels… still looking for MY family jewels, the Russian Crown Jewels. My great gramps, Gregor Rasputin and the Tsarina. The long death of Rasputin… his wee-wee is in a museum. Rasputin versus the Russian nobles… he cured the prince's hemophilia. His mentalist powers. Rasputin was a hippie - the Stang of the royal court -- smelly, crazy so the rich ladies HAD to have him. "They do more than come hither and yon." -- Wei. The Romanovs… The Tsar's family's skull parts are also on display now. Dave's such a commie… his marching orders are imagined. Hallucinations and job interviews. Validating Dave's hallucinated girlfriend. Since "Bob" my life is an endless wallowing in a pigsty of pure slack.

My computer is like Dave's girlfriends… it saves. "If you don't hit Dave, he'll lose it." Cauliflower ears… cauliflower neck is really brains hanging down. We told Dave to call 911 but he called Homeland Security and they refered him to the station. The SubG toll-free number. I'll play more calls from that number in future show. The phone has a naughty number - 888 6969-2323. 273 is magic number of SubG, better than 23. Dave thinks his new girlfriend is a demon. His previous girlfrind, 2nd prettiest girl in the church. "You're not THAT pretty, Stang." Stang's 5 hairs, which are long… the future combover. Indians say "5 hairs" means you want to be an animal -- means you're a witch. My dad's 5 hares in hutch in Warren. My dad feeds them and then kills them, skins, guts, eats them. A la Michael Moore film, "Flint." We'll all be doing that in 3 weeks when dollar dies. We'll hunt the varmints in our back yards. Dave keeps rats. Our rabbits, skonks, possums, squirrel supper… Squirrells's a bit gamey. Makes you better at math. Venizen jerky from Pater Nostril, so named for his cook pot expertise. Ostrich as game meat and as scams for suckers, and disembowelers. Ostrich and emu farms for poebuckers.. big scam. The Japanese eat ostrich. Dave only DREAMED he was on the SubG chat line. We have 5 minutes… in last minutes I must play more Greaser's Palace sermon on the mount, Bingo Gas Station Motel Cheeseburger with a Side of Aircraft Noise and You'll Be Gary Indiana. Jesus and the fishes and loaves at X-Day! Each camper gave him one each and by a miracle he soon had tables of loaves and fish sticks! He did get the child back -- the so-far happy ending of Jesus, Magdalen, & Conbo. Jesus is paid better by the Conspiracy than the Church. Church URL and address. Must end show now.  


22     Greaser's Palace -SERMON-edit     01:21

23     Greaser's Palace -If Ya Feel Ya Heal - Naked Babies     00:35

24   Red Amber Navaho song 00:48

25   Rev. Norel Pref: know sex aloud     01:38

26     Greaser's Palace  Lamey Homo     00:12

27   Rev. Norel Pref: MadWay     00:28

28     Greaser's Palace  - Mother     00:12

29     LeMur: Palindrome #02  00:18

30     LeMur: PR Gnus #1391 00:48

31     Greaser's Palace - Healing3, Crawl Again 00:55

32   Rev. Norel Pref: World Church of the Sick Puppy 00:55

33     LeMur: Tea Mystery #2     01:23

35     Dangerous_SubG by Razna excerpt w/ VO   00:09

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