Hour of Slack #1150 -- X-Day is Coming Over and Over and Over


An episode devoted entirely to the wonders and promise of X-Day, the annual SubGenius End of the Human World. Excerpts from Puzzling Evidence (KPFA) and  John Hell's Pirate Cat show, San Francisco; Rick Barber's KOA-Denver AM talk show; Stang's sermon at Winterstar Symposium, and Radio Synaesthesia (WCSB Cleveland). New songs by The Attery Squash and Doctor Steel. Plan 9 Vs. The Mist.

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"PuzEv" = The Puzzling Evidence Show from KPFA-Berkeley, Feb. 22, 2008 with Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, Cardboard Robot, Rev. Ivan Stang

"KOA" = Rich Barber Show from KOA-AM, Denver, Feb. 4 2008

"HELL" = John Hell's Season in Hell Show from Pirate Cat Radio with John Hell, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal Robins, Rev. Stang, K-Rob, Loid Mongoloid, Dec. 10, 2008

"Syn" = Dr. Sinister's Radio Synaesthesia, WCSB FM Cleveland, March 9, 2008

"Winterstar" = Rev. Stang preaching at SubGenius Devival at Winterstar Symposium, March 1 2008

1            beginning is very delicate 00:05

2          Plan 9 Intro    00:20

3          LeMur: HOS Intro #777 - You Aint Gonna Find It In There   00:15

4          Plan 9 Criswell Future  00:25

5          Byrds It was a light            00:08

6          KOA Denver, Rick Barber Show -03-Stang2a- Nerd Sex Cult - X-Day            02:03

7          Plan9-Saucers-PeopleDied            00:22

8          Byrds--MustBeThoseStrangers            00:17

9          Stang at Winterstar 08 - X-DayVs. The Bible            02:31

10        Your Ex?-X-Day!            01:09

11        The Attery Squash - "A Change Is Gonna Cum"            03:05

12        credits attery -LifeAfter            01:57

13        MIST 001-Chemicals from PlanetX            00:17

14        KOA Denver, Rick Barber Show -04-Stang3a -X-Day 03:43

15            MIST002-PlanetX lies -- XX            01:00

16        PuzEv 08-DonTakePersonal-ShotAtX-Day     01:28

17            Synesthesia 3-9-08 j - Raelians - X-Day     02:38

18        Plan 9 - Stupid/Disasters         00:16

19        John Hell Show 07c-2- X-Day!            04:39

20        Dr. Steel - "Planet X Marks The Spot"   03:32

21        credit Dr Steel-Wstar            01:27

22        Stang at Winterstar 08 -X-Day Poem   03:10

23        John Hell Show 07c-3 - X-Day cont.    01:45

24            PuzEv10- Bitter X-Day - Genie - Go to the Light~  02:30

25        John Hell Show C14-X-Day In Dallas '98 - nude girl            00:55

26        PuzEv 14- Tibulation Money Acid Rain X-Day!            01:37

27        Conan - Crush enemies            00:10

28        John Hell Show - X-Day Auctions - Papa Joe Mama's book on Jack Chick comics 02:32

29        PuzEv 23-X-Day plane - Tombstones - X-Day 02:06

30        Hey Mr Spaceman3            00:17

31        Chas Smith, ESO Radio 1998 - On The Escape Vessels            07:53

32        cred Chas 2 Hell            00:51

33        John Hell  - End Hell - X-Day - CastEnd            03:39

34        Plan 9 I reach over and touch it            00:10



Background music in credits: THE RUDY SCHWARTZ PROJECT

The Attery Squash: http://myspace.com/theatterysquash

Doctor Steel: http://doctorsteel.com

Mongoloid: http://wearemongoloid.com/

Pirate Cat Radio: http://www.piratecatradio.com/listen.php

Amino Acids movie: http://WWW.FATALEPICTURES.COM

The Amino Acids: http://theaminoacids.com

Dr. Hal Robins: http://askdrhal.com

Look for Puzzling Evidence show recordings by way of http://www.quiveringbrain.com or streaming from http://kpfa.org

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