Hour of Slack #1168 -- The Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Dr. Hal Show, Part 1


Recorded at the Brushwood stage before a live audience on July 5, 2008, this Hour of Slack is, by popular demand, almost entirely the learned banter of Dr. Hal and Lonesome Cowboy Dave, with only smatterings of Rev. Stang, Princess Wei, Mister F. LeMur and Norel Pref. We do however get to hear two complete classic songs from the late Chas Smith's band, Einstein's Secret Orchestra.

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1     Mewlies Poem-Hal Intro     03:20

2     LeMur: HOS Intro #793 - Keep You In Slack     00:13

3     Punching Clowns - Movie Stars 02:25

4     LeMur:  Ellery Queens #06 - Chinese Stamp 00:36

5     Bobcast - Urinal Cakes - whale milk     06:23

6     LeMur: Ellery Queens #04 - Big Mistake     00:28

7     Bobtism-Abyss-Dave Weird     01:28

8    Rev. Norel Pref: commander tucker     00:49

9    Teens Skit - Roc Egg  07:46

10     LeMur:  This is 13013 a     00:27

11     Rumble - SubGenius Heaven & Hell - Chick Comics     10:52

12   Drs. For Wotan: "Rise Of the Mutants"     00:51

13     credit Wotan 2 bulldada     00:42

14     Auction - Time Control - Loins 02:50

15     Einstein's Secret Orchestra: "Iodine 131" 03:27

16     credit ESO 00:21

17   SubG Nature - Outer Joke - Umph     05:52

18   cred Dave 2 ESO x19  00:24

19     Einstein's Secret Orchestra: "X-1-9"     04:08

20   Slak-Bwood-TheConsInUS!   04:11

21     Credits ink, URL 2 El Queso 00:31

22        The El Queso All Stars: Planet X or Bust Pt. 3            01:36

Live X-Day stage recordings by Pater Nostril 

Background music in credits: Calvin Ball live at X-Day

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