Hour of Slack #1172 -- Sick Little Hitlers Live at The Haunted Radio Station


Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei and Rev. Ivan Stang pollute the clean air of Cleveland from the WCSB studio. New music by Rev. Max Slack as well as Bob Walkenhorst, a ton of old Einstein's Secret Orchestra, a Phineas Narco mash-up starring Hitler, an iDRMRSR news report, and the soaring arfulness of Fernandinande LeMur's sound-chopper add their own special taints.

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2     LeMur: HOS Intro #808 - A Place Of Ivan     00:21

3     LeMur: "Bob's" Newest Now     00:24

4     Joker-I'm  A Guy of Simple Taste 00:25

5    Bob Walkenhorst - "Broken Down" 01:56

Prabob; Bob Walkenhorst credit - sickness, painful rectal itch in lobotomy scars

IDRMRSR Public Service Announcement - U.S. now for sale - bailing the rich using money WE don't have. Dave's thick commie eyebrows.  The names of the beautiful donators read off. Haunted station - Chas is back (Witch Disco ESO bg music) - The janitor Nostrildamus. Our new studio, vs. Tarzan's radio station. It's illegal to dis the station; Wei's shirt, Dave's brain, all illegal. What your ears are doing right now is against the law. Listening to your cellmates being beaten is about like listening to this show. Show meant for Slack - but best Slack is when the beating ends. Morals, ethics, not a part of our Church. Dave rant sounds like The Martian Hitler. Head in glass jar controled your stoolteacher - Invaders from Mars - the signal embedded in this station's carrier wave - Stang imitates kook tripping who saw cop chopper following him, neighbor spying, they put that bad thought in my head! Remember to buy Smoke-All. Buy this, that - there's no mind of YOURS to control! The Con workers have no mind. None have minds. The Con has aplan - but old, stale, tells same jokes every week - like the world gov'tments - and the corruptigating worm is in your head. Dave one large brain cell, with one large convict inside. Wei/I have a joint brain-- when rubbed together synapses would fire. Doctor for you today! - We need a medicine man doctor -  

7    LeMur: -Call Your Doctor #3     00:17

8    Rev. Max Slack: "Time control"     03:01

9     Phineas Narco: "When I'm Sixty-Four / Hitler Mash-Up"     00:53

Ya dat vas Phineas Narco, NationalCynical.com -  Time Control Max Slack cred - Mach Schnell - and They Saved Hitler's Brain. Jar with Philo Head -- We ALL have jar in our heads with a tiny Hitler inside, trying to come out. The Con is all about the tiny Hitler inside everybody's head. To make you want to be the Big Boss of your area -- an evolutionary said. Some Hitler heads small, some large. An inner head thing. And a Tiny Mother Theresa inside, misreable and sick, pretending godliness. (The Mother Theresa confession letters.) Mother Theresa needed a great big ol' "Bob." I showed her MAH little Hitler. Little Elvis vs. Two Little Hitlers - little John Wayne Head - little Woody Allen Head - a little Hendrix head - Cast out that Hitler! Gag yourself and vomit it up! Don't heil back - get other people to do that. March out of step and decry all authority for its lunacy.

 LEMUR credits. LeMurs vs. Meerkats - the Slackful Meerkat aura. It subdues the Little Hitler, brings out the Big Ol' Bob in your head. They grow fast -- if not much.

I am a grandpa now -- PeePaw and WeiMaw Stang. My daughter's - so not Stang. Could stalk them in Wasilla Alaska. Dave's called YE by his grandkids. Prince Yeee and Princess Wei. Proper pronouncement of Wei's name. Not "WAY", WHEEE! I fawn all over that doe, bucko. A personal summer. The Gary Grant head inside my brain. Beachcomber Dave seeks meat - Con news says we'll be eating groat clusters and starving soon - milk the price of gas, gas price of diamonds, diamonds worthless.

My son told me to add a zero to everything. Now TWO zeros - - zero talk. Who invented Zero? The Arabbots - claims the 7-11 guys. Our ancestors the mighty caucasians, picking our noses in caves. Chinese invented everything - the bra, onions, dark meat -- who invented WORK? - with Agriculture, so blame the Sumerians and Johnny Rockefeller. God of Celery, Age of Agriculture! Before Dave can go to his place, he must learn his place - doggie style. Bob's little beeeootch. Beoche and bababactch - this show the only show I see. Beyoiwoyoiotch. The ways of saying beeyotch. Vowel movements. We use extinct vocal sounds. Outdated, old! Grampas! Old, old, old. . . The Reawrdians float and the Emrgentiles swim against the surrent (we only take 1 in 10) - We of Procrastinium has waited the longest, so we must win!!! Oh wherefore art thou "Bob"? Dear "Bob" - our contract denied me rights as hunan bean, member of county club and slipper of the agenda wagon, my lawyer has -- BURGERMEISTERS! When was the last time you slayed a burgermeister?

SON'T JUST SLAY THAT BURGERMEITER, SLAY THE HELL OUT OF HIM!  Wank as if your very life depended - Pisces plug - "She's a socialism! - Don't badmouth Priestess Pisces! - something fishy about her - Wei a pisces - but not born of Earth, so the consteallations would have different effect on her planet. -- Time for the News!

10   LeMur - PR Gnus #1427 00:50

11     Einstein's Secret Orchestra: "Graveyard Shift"     04:31

 ESO credits, all ESO band members. Dave on guitar all night, and at his organ. Mozick means brain. Michele George. No real names: Rev. Stang or Mister X. There was a Doktor X - Church of the Emaculation - purged himself accidentally - Thai heroin. - A show of the dead. We're near dead, so old - OH NO! - That Ohio accent! - Ya'lls only as old as yew fayel. When 20, I thought 30 was old. When 30, thought 55 is old. Now 55 - old -- I think like a 30 year old! My daughter swore she'd remain 9 years old. Most men are really 12. "You put on your diapers this morning -- who's gonna change 'em tonight?" - Why this black morbid humor? Bob took that tumble, Pipe stuck so far up there - can't extract that pipe from Bob's -- forever. The taproots go to the brain. The Dark Mater in Bob's brain - must be Pipe on either end - Nether pipe or tail pipe. THE EVOLUTION OF THE ANUS. Originally, one hole did both jobs. Later, the flatworm broke on thru to the other side. A colostomy bag over your whole body, in the single-cells. Then a cul-de-sac. Now most creatures have a hole right thru - we're donut shaped. Gets stopped up, clogged some times. My mom had monkey tail. Brother supernumerary nipulae. Not productive tho. The lack of testicles shared by Hitler and other Great Men - by great we mean large. Hitler's grating voice.

END OF SHOW snuck up on us. URL - photos on subgenius.com of WCSB studio during show. And now -- call Dr.


12   LeMur - Call Your Doctor #4     00:12

13   Power Of Soul Clip - Bootsy Collins     00:30

14   It's Bob  00:03

15   Rev. Norel Pref:  the same way     00:38

Background music in credits: EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA "Witch Disco" CD

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