Hour of Slack #1175 -- Sex Lives of Gorillas and Demons / Music of Bob W.


This episode is mostly music, especially the great songs of Bob Walkenhorst, and also new songs by Rev. Robin Renee and Rev. Max Slack. Sex and love among the gorillas and demons is the "theme;" Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang read the confessions of the audience at 11X-Day. Robert Anton Wilson spouts on conspiracies in government, and fresh collage from Norel Pref and Fernandinande LeMur dress the stage.

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"HoS" refers to live X-Day stage 'radio' recordings, July 4 & 5, 2008

1 Rev. Norel Pref: Lets all smile 00:50
2 LeMur: HOS Intro #794 - Gay Family Program 00:17
3 Popey and Bluto: "Big Chief Ugamug" clip 1 (Last performance as Bluto of Gus Wickie) 01:16
4 Rev. Norel Pref: spermon #82208 01:18
5 Rev. Max Slack -- Too Much" 01:56
6 Credit Max Slack 2 norel 00:51
7 Rev. Norel Pref: big Bob's weekend 01:07
8 Rev. Norel Pref: as far as i can go 00:33
9 Big Chief Ugamug 2 Sex Scene 01:27
10 The Rainmakers: "Big Fat Blonde" 02:53
11 Credit Rainmakers 2 norel 00:08
12 Rev. Norel Pref: better than priests 01:06
13 Rev. Norel Pref: Blows it 00:38
14 LeMur: Dr. Laura #6 - Forward And Not Backward 00:40
15 Big Chief Ugamug 3 -ProtectWoman 00:42
16 11X-Day HoS live S03h1-Inner Gorilla Reading 01:36
17 Crysalis - "Dr. Root's Garden" 04:14
18 Credit Crysalis 00:19
19 LeMur: Ellery Queens #04 - Big Mistake 00:28
20 Rev. Norel Pref: spermon_82908 00:56
21 HoS7-4j-GorillaDemons-AlcandorPoem 01:59
22 The Rainmakers: "Wages of Sin" 02:45
23 11X-Day HoS live 7-4q-GORILLAS & DEMONS 04:05
24 Credit Hal 2 RAW 00:16
25 Robert Anton Wilson - The dangers of conspiracy and government 08:02
26 "Too Much" by Rev. Max Slack. cont 01:47
27 Robin Renee: "Linda Wants To Be Alone" 04:15
28 credit RobinRenee 2 Walkenhorst 00:41
29 Bob Walkenhorst: "No Romance" live at Record Bar 04:31
30 Rev. Norel Pref: that was nutz 00:49
31 LeMur: Divorce Court #2 00:48
32 Bob Walkenhorst: "Battle of the Roses 03:27
33 credit Bob Walk - URL-Schizopolis 00:37
34 Schizopolis clip -Racehorses No Urinate 00:35
35 LeMur: Voltaire Tribute 00:04
36 It's "Bob" 00:03
37 "Big Chief Ugamug" End 00:23
38 Ellery Queens #01 - Psychological Error 00:33

Live X-Day stage recordings by Pater Nostril

Background music in credits: SaviourSelf07.05.98 aka The Maverick MJ

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Bob Walkenhorst: http://bobwalkenhorst.com http://therainmakers.com

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