Hour of Slack #1176 - Rerun of #100 from 1987 - Brother Cleve, Michael Peppe


A rerun of the wizened old Hour of Slack #100, an unusually good oldie featuring classic Puzzling Evidence, Michael Peppe's rant called AD, a big ol' mess of Brother Cleve, Swinging Erudites and Iron Liver, our first lady radio preacher Sister Krys, and the UNFINISHED, uncut, temporary soundtrack for the subgenius video, ARISE!

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Intro Barrage

Buck Naked "They don't love "Bob" like I do"

Dr. Hal's ARISE! narration w/ temporary soundtrack (excerpt)

Early Puzzling Evidence from KPFA: Ricky Nelson / Wellman edit

Michael Peppe "AD" pt 1

The Swinging Erudites: Oh What a Yuppie Man He Was"

Public Service - dental dams

Jim & Tammy Bakker scandal clip

Iron Liver: "Packin' the Load"

G. Gordon Gordon: "It's Not Just The…"

Iron Liver "Tookie's Torment"

Public Service - AIDS

Syster Krys - "Pretentious" rant

Michael peppe - "AD" Pt 2

Credits and PO box

In-progress temporary ARISE! soundtrack continued: Shordurpersavs, Bobbies, Nenslo Rant, "The Or Kill Me Rule," Death of "Bob"

Young Stang sign-off

Young Stang reads DOKSTOK II report by G. Gordon Gordon

Old Stang sign-off with credits


Background music in Old Stang new credits: SaviourSelf07.05.98 aka The Maverick MJ

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