Hour of Slack #1177 - Live 11-2-2008 - Pre-Election Special


Rev. Ivan Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Princess Wei R. Doe break in the new WCSB studio with a live pre-election show featuring "The Interrogation of Mister Listless the Listener," bold surrealism, a slew of LeMur political cure-alls and some amazing music by Girl Talk and Marvelkind. Since most of our listeners will hear this after the election, we had to pretend that the election had already happened.

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1          LeMur: HOS Intro #816 - Standby, Low Alert    00:24

2          Schizopolis clip -Serious But With Slight Wink            00:52

3          LeMur: Stangalini            00:33

4          Pat Paulson Hour of Slack Promo 00:10

5          So Much Time, So Little To Do       00:07

6            Beatnik_Poetry            01:28

7          LeMur: Dr. Laura #5 - Screaming            00:25

8          The Large: Für "Bob"  00:10

9            Schizopolis clips - Funeral            00:38

10        Girl Talk - "Hands In The Air" excerpt             01:16

11        REN & STIMPY HoS ID        00:22

12        Rev. Norel Pref: put it in a nutshell            00:38

13        LIVE YAK A - Mr. Listless            16:09

Sunday before election - must pretend election happened. Hail to Chief McCain. Dave does McCain speech. Joe the Mongoose, Tim the dealer, Frank the Hypocrat, G. Gordon Gordon, Watergate plumbing. Write-in Kings… other parties. The McMan is president until Pres. Pail-In. "Proof on the internet that Obama is Muslim Zionist" - 2 great tastes in one. Trains brain to fnordship, accepting adsurdity. OBAMA-BIDEN = OSAMA-Bin laDEN. Vowel movements. Can't tell you why, they'll jail me. Time of CHANGE - we're in the new studio, the haunted goat station. Smells like new car, no band posters or Dobbsheads yet. New regime, time of spare change. Dave should run for Pres, since he has Main Street leadership qualities. Crazy Dave talk! - All of the posts on the Net are about YOU!

Are you Paranoid, Mr. Listless? INTERROGATION OF MISTER LISTLESS. Tell us the other names of the other dead voters. Bad cop, good cop - we read your post that you read proof that McCain was born in panama and raped Obama, gave him AIDS, Palin works for Russian Jews and that JEWS ARE TAKING OVER ISRAEL! (Thanks to Chain Smerker.) -- On President's first day, the Alien situation is explained - Reagan was the last one to talk about it. The President Eloi. Hinckley, Carter, Clinton -- Mr. Listless, we're trying not to leave any marks on you. What' going to happen? Credits to LeMur, The Large. Dave and Watergate leak… bg music by OGO DYS - Ogo Dys music w/ Dave Hitler. Girl Talk credit. We have but 5 minutes of sickness here… oh no, broke headphones - what's going to happen?

14        LeMur: What's Going To Happen?            00:14

15        LeMur: Obama Speech #02 - Not Written By Us            00:32

16            PatPaulson2    00:14

17        LeMur: PR Gnus #1434  00:21

18            Introduce Anarchy - Joker   00:31

19        Bob Walkenhorst: "Goverment Cheese" excert            01:37

20        LeMur: Joan Bias #2            00:57

21        Popeye Bulldada            00:17

22        Girl Talk: "Like This"   03:21


23            YakLiveB        10:34

Credit Girl Talk. We mastered the personal problem. Problem in Mind - controlled from space. Let's go somewhere nice - THE OBITUARIES! Rudy Ray Moore, R.I.P. - short history of Dolemite albums and movies. Smell phone rings. Yma Sumac obit - her real name, Zoila Augusta Experatrix Chevarri del Castillo. Flyin' Ryan Bros. Bg music. Dolemite imitation by Stang. Dolemite is probably doing Yma right now. Dolemite's influence on Stang - memorized The ABCs of Love. The FCCIA - thank our lucky stones. Suddenly like a crime movie in here. New WCSB studio admiration. Remember scripts? Scripts for oxycramdin. Doctor won't answer my calls. Wei got message from Governor Rocknar -- we may announce the passing of hs father. Dad Rocknar now trying to outcuss Dolemite and out-yodel Yma Sumac. We're all going to meet our maker and he'll meat us in his great meat grinder. Pink souls go into slurry. SubG souls are kept and cored out, prized by connoisseurs, like caviar ripped from a pregnant trout. The refined condiment, "Bob" can sell yr soul for more if you're a SubGenius. Their money is green etc. On the waterboard with "Bob".

24        The BigChill - Sex & Rationalization            01:04

25        Live Yak C  06:26

 Dave as French waiter serving rationalization "meatium rare." Double burger animal style. Wei joined Rosicution Unit for executions. Dave should be a super-spy for gov't since he can talk all those languages. Dave language samples - Italian, Spanish, Russian, could be spy for McCain regime, more traveled than vice president. Exposed self in Mexico, illuminated in 1979, crazy Dave talk. Dave has come and gone in his pants again. He went, in pants. Mr. Listless is listening on list of Internet listeners. One in Canadia -- DH? Du Hampshire. Can see listener's house and driveways, but can't see through roof. Guy in Austin has old toilet tank in back yard. Some stations can see through roof, Wei claims Stang is fooling on her. Stations that stick to the PLAN get that equipment. Gotta stick to the PLAN. Dave on Conspiracy. Without Plan, it's anarchy! POPEYE smokes pipe… cartoon clip.

26        LeMur: PR Gnus #1433  00:29

27        Joker-All Part of the Plan     00:24

28            Marvelkind - "Slackadelic"            02:07

29        ST-Can'tChangeLaws of Physics            00:08

30        t Yak Live D 06:17

Can't change… go with the Plan. Buxom, beautiful 29 foot tall Plan. Credit Marvelkind, Ogo Dys. History of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs winning office in Brighton England election and Brighton Free Party Party. Dave - how to Work - pull down pants, look at galaxy like drizzling eye! Baltimore Devival on Nov. 15, description of bands and ranters. The Motor Morons, play car repair machines as instruments. Dave mistook them for angels. Dead bees - like zombees but can't walk. Radiothon coming up to pay for futuristic new studio. Dave rant, she was a good learner of the Bonobo movements, but now old, had to shoot her down in basement. Dave is long in the throat. Blew the segue. Will leave with the Hunting of "Bob".

31        LeMur: The Hunting Of "Bob"            00:50


Background music in credits: OGO DYS cd "Neptune Everywhere", The Flyin' Ryan Brothers cd "Totality" http://ryanetics.com

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