Hour of Slack #1178 - SubGenius All-Purpose Pledge Drive for Any Station


It's a pledge drive show! -- a real one, originally done for WCSB in Cleveland, but we have jiggled and edited the specific phone numbers, pledge premiums and station I.D.s so that ANY station could use this for fund-raising purposes. Aside from a little LeMurian collage, some Girl Talk and "Faith healer" by ESO, it's nonstop all-out full-tilt gut-blowout frenzy on the parts of Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang as they dredge up every possible begging and wheedling ploy in the book, including dozens that no RESPECTABLE religious broadcast would ever consider.

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LeMur: HOS Intro #813 - Viva La Hora de Slacko     00:34

Girl Talk: In Step excerpt     03:23

INTRO by Stang -- WCSB pledge show has been altered for generic use!

Star Trek:- "Love Sucks" with Stang overdub     01:34

EDITED PLEDGE DRIVE LIVE YAK with bits of ancient Pledge Drive shows 37:00

Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Ivan Stang - with background music from many beloved monster movies. Wheedling, begging, selling, threatening, martyring, insulting, ass-kissing, exhorting. Lying. Confessing. Extrapolating. Guesses. Assurances. Rev. Jimmy Swaggart on Mister Moneybags. YES YOU CAN! Pay us not to preach about beer. Great band names. The names of those who donated. Why we live in this studio. Think of the children like Dave. Getting a "Bob" tattoo on your heel. Describing the miniskirted topless people taking calls. Europeans -- we'll take your pounds, slim you down. The HoloCast -- the last broadcast, the final forecast. Skinny down those wallets. We'll round out your brain wrinkles, degroove until it's smooth like a Q-ball. Crawl to that phone! Use your hooks to dial! Get your move on, baby. What is our goal? To remain awake. So cold though. We could just give up. But when you wake up, it won't be you that wakes up. It'll be one of Them. YES IT CAN! Obama already invaded White House, took over, invaded dozens of countries! Obama and Bush dialog about WCSB. Great Dave Young Obama rant. Names of donators! All manner of people from many climes come together to praise "Bob." Stang SubGenius 101 rant - "Bob"-Slack-TheConspiracy! 69! Like a dirty word almost. You can MOVE "BOB," be one of "Bob's" movements, his morning constitutional - throw yourself UP "Bob." - Call and tell Wei how much you'd like to GIVE her! SEND the money -- you can spend all over our ears. Your spunk is what we need - hit us in the face. Spend in our face by calling. You MUST - Even if you CANNOT! You're no robot monster. Well maybe one or two. You're abnormal therefore better than the Pinks, Barbies, Kens, The Great Washed. Stink of how you will be. YES YOU CAN! Dave in the spirit, FEELS 3 more callers. BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE WCSB. We chose to put our testicles on the line, hung 'em over the edge of the chopping block and gave you the ax. Amputate the jewels of this station. They don't NEED us, they could drag their legs through the job, or they could LIVE! - like dinosaurs wrestling in Jurassic Park. I can feel the POWER. It doesn't matter how depravd we are, as long as the station stays afoot, high atop Rhodes Tower in tourist mecca Cleveland! History of Rhodes Tower broadcasting. You can be part of this great noble tradition. In old days, before 9-11 - people blew smoke out the windows, you could have target practice in the studio. ESO burned a 600' man statue, copied by Burning Man. Your last chance - we need to reach 13,000 new avid donators, direct sponsors. Names of donators. God lives in Texas. I speak the language God speaks. Your $ becomes part of station, YOU are being broadcast! Goes on forever! Aliens watching Hitler! Presidents from Planet Texas. George W. not really a Texan. The new great warlord Obama shall ride forth like a new Ghengis Kahn, warlike, hawklike! Kill for the love of killing! Peace - of Venezuela. PEACE - of South America. You can stop it! Call with nose if no fingers. We won't burn your money on frop or submachines. The Ninth Wonder of the World is HoS. Ape Wonder of the world. The Ninth Gate - the Baab called himself the Gateway to SubKnowledge. "Bob" led Arne Saknussem deep into the underworld, showed him certain secrets which Arne shared with us. But you must call and donate! John Shirley, thought his brain was a bedpan. What is our goal? Why limit greatness? We have no goal, no function. We know nothing. But those who DD pledge - mutated names of pledgers and prophets. We can end on old ESO tune "Faith Healer". Who wrote that? That one guy? (ALEX HARVEY IS THE ANSWER). Those who didn't pledge tonight, you'

Ll pay. There'll come a time when you'll wish to God you'd called. CoSG could be the greatest joke ever told. . .


LeMur: PR Gnus #1435     00:16

LeMur: Electrical Equipment     00:10

Einstein's Secret Orchstra: "Faith Healer     " 05:38

Stang Outro yak


Background music in credits: Einstein's Secret Orchestra "Witch Disco"

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The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry seeks to brainwash you totally into abject lifelong subservience to The High Epopt and Living SlackMaster, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


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