Hour of Slack #1184 - It's the End of the World Right Where You Are Sitting Now


This episode covers all the main basic themes of the Church: "Bob," Slack, The Conspiracy, and World Blowout. Lots of Norel Pref collage helps ventilate dense sermon clips from Starwood Festival and radio banter from Puzzling Evidence with Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal. We start scavenging some interview material from an excellent British podcast, Right Where You Are Sitting Now, and we welcome work by new collagist Rev. Sweetness McGee.

NOTE: We are posting this episode and #1185 early, because we'll be vacationing during the holidays and don't want to mess with big uploads then. This will carry us through to the end of December in weekly shows.

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The Radio Synaesthesia show from WCSB Cleveland used herein is from July 2008 with Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Stang, Priestess Pisces, Rocknar, and host Dr. Sinister

Below, "PE" means Puzzling Evidence show on KPFA-Berkeley from 10-17-2008

1     Toyland Cartoon Music 00:41

2     Baltimore Devival, Stang: "Bob" Uses You as a Crutch     00:13

3    The Birds-It's the End of the World!     00:03

4     LeMur: HOS Intro #818 - Remove Your Soul     00:23

5    Rev. Norel Pref: a bob production     00:59

6    Rev. Norel Pref: a lot more slack 00:19

7    Right Where You Are Sitting Now interview clip 1 - Intro,Stang    01:28

8     Baltimore Devival, Stang: "BOB" 101     01:38

9     Toyland - Only the Beginning     00:26

10   Rev. Norel Pref: i love you bob  00:22

11   STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - d-PraiseBob-Con  00:37

12   Rev. Norel Pref: Kill Bob  00:50

13   Get Guns & Wipe Em Off Earth     00:02

14   The Thomas Show_on_SubG   01:58

15     Credits Intro     01:17

16   Birds - Mankind     00:08

17   STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - f-Maygick&Belief! 01:45

18   Rev. Norel Pref: anyway atheists     00:41

19   Right Where You Are Sitting Now interview clip 3-Yetis-Mutants     01:24

20   The Birds - Neither Species are Intellugent    00:14

21   PE l- Age of Mutants - Shiftless Men  03:26

22     Toyland Instr     01:18

23   Right Where You Are Sitting Now interview clip 10-ClenchBad-PaytrioPsych   03:19

24   PE - Werewolves, Vampire Bats 01:58

25   STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - i-Slack!     02:29

26   BIRDS - Maybe We're Getting Carried Away 00:03

27   PE r-Caller Philo, Ask Dr. Hal show info     02:09

28   STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - k-Con-Paranormal     02:17

29   Birds - End of the World!     00:28

30     Schizopolis-Comet Havarti     00:24

31   Rev. Norel Pref: i don't care anymore     01:03

32   STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - n-TV Con  01:52

33     Credits 2 Jobs     00:55

34   Jobs Vs. Gates (Pirates of Silicon Valley)     02:04

35   Rev. Norel Pref: krobots, march!     00:35

36   STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - o-Stupidity-Church!X     01:48

37   Right Where You Are Sitting Now interview clip 5-Make Self Stronger Vs. Con     01:43

38   Rev. Sweetness McGee - world_conquering_bobbies 00:27

39     Footprints on Sands of Time 00:54

40     Birds-ToreMeArmOff   00:06

41     Mothra's Song (Mothra) - Yuji Koseki     02:22

42     Toyland Jungle Fever END     02:21

43   Rev. Norel Pref: you've missed something     00:39

44     Credits, End URL  00:59

45   Old-PE-e-g     03:31

46   Rev. Norel Pref: i don't get bob  01:56

47   PE s-End Explosion     01:14

48   It's The End of the World     00:01

49     LeMur: PR Gnus #1428 00:31

50     LeMur: Talk About Sufferin'     00:17


Right Where You Are Sitting Now podcast archives: http://sittingnow.co.uk/archives/category/podcasts

Background music in credits: The Flyin' Ryan Brothers CD "Totality"


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The Amino Acids: http://theaminoacids.com

Look for Puzzling Evidence show recordings by way of http://www.quiveringbrain.com or streaming from http://kpfa.org

Rev. Norel Pref: http://norelpref.com

Rev. Susie the Floozy and "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse, WREK, MP3 podcast: http://tinyurl.com/gpyba



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