Hour of Slack #1185 - Sneaking Into Stang's Office with Puzzling Evidence


A little of everything! Sermon clips from Starwood Festival and Baltimore Devival 2008, interview clips from Right Where You Are Sitting Now, a ton of primo Puzzling Evidence Show, collages by LeMur, Pref, and McGee; antique music of the deep past; and much skulking and sneaking around in Stang's office by mischievous Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, and Puzzling Evidence.

NOTE: We are posting this episode 2 weeks early, because we'll be vacationing during the holidays and don't want to mess with big uploads then. This will carry us through to the end of December in weekly shows.

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The Radio Synaesthesia show from WCSB Cleveland used herein is from July 2008 with Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Stang, Priestess Pisces, Rocknar, and host Dr. Sinister

Below, "PE" means Puzzling Evidence show on KPFA-Berkeley from 10-17-2008

1     Toyland Music     00:20

2     LeMur: HOS Intro #819 - Dog Attack Reform School     00:25

3    Right Where You Are Sitting Now interview clip 2 -  Church Def, X-Day     03:49

4    The Large: "Bob" Dole     00:31

5    Right Where You Are Sitting Now interview clip 8 -  Bob  03:23

6    STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - j-BobSayings     01:14

7     Credit SW 2 PE     00:42

8    PE m - Will Ivan Stang Play This?     02:21

9    cred PE 2 RightWhere     00:31

10   Right Where You Are Sitting Now interview clip 6 -  X-Day events     02:21

11     credit 2 Sweetness     00:11

12   "one way ticket to Dobbstown" - Rev. Sweetness McGee 01:00

13   Cred Sweetness 2 Pisces     00:29

14   Live Hour of Slack at 11X-Day - Pisces the SubG Ann Landers     05:41

15   "Guys n Dolls" - Guys n Dolls 1950     02:48

16   "lick my bob" - Rev. Sweetness McGee 00:21

17   PE q - xavier - X-Day Stang 03:02

18     Proposition 8 The Musical     03:03

19   Reach over and touch it - Rev. Sweetness McGee 02:21

20     Credit McGee 2 PE   00:44

21   PE o - Caller - Bunyip Vogel 04:14

22     Baltimore Devival, Stang: "BOB 2 drugs"     00:55

23   STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - l-ChurchReal-Old-HoS X copy 01:49

24   Right Where You Are Sitting Now interview clip 4 -  # of Members - Is Church Real? 02:36

25   PE p - Sneaking Into Stang's Office     02:25

26   The Large - Swivel     00:19

27   PE - WAR - Shopping     02:19

28     Credits 2 Toyland     01:54

29     Toyland music     01:00

30   STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - x -Enzyte Judgment     01:31

31   Rev. Norel Pref: Bob Raskolnikov    00:47

32   cred 2 Walkenhorst    00:05

33   Bob Walkenhorst - "Just Leaving"     02:23

34   glad yer here     00:31

35     LeMur: Talk About Sufferin'2     00:42

Right Where You Are Sitting Now podcast archives: http://sittingnow.co.uk/archives/category/podcasts

Bob Walkenhorst: http://bobwalkenhorst.com

Background music in credits: The Flyin' Ryan Brothers CD "Totality"


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