Hour of Slack #1189 - Live 1-25-09 - SubGenius Hints in Pink Media, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


This live and lively show will probably sound to most regular listeners just like any other completely insane live Hour of Slack broadcast from WCSB in Cleveland. However, we have done a fairly good job, in behind-the-scenes editing, of hiding the fact that that particular Sunday night, there happened to be some startling new glitches in the brand-new studio CD players, glitches which made our carefully-prepared support recordings usable only in the most extreme SubGenius way. So it's a good thing we're SubGeniuses.

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Below, "PE" means Puzzling Evidence show on KPFA-Berkeley from Jan. 02, 2009, with Dr. Hal, host Puzzling Evidence, and Dr. Philo Drummond


1       Rev. SweetnessMcGee after Dr. Hal - Recording, Everything is Going Fine   00:50

2         LeMur: HOS Intro #822 - If You Don't Cool It       00:17

3       PE 129i - First We Build a Radio 01:12

4       Stang @ Baltimore Devival 2009: -Slack - Luck Plane - "Bob" 00:29

5       norel pref - slackmatics-bob    01:12

6       PE 2129g - Baby Show         00:57


7       Live yak with Rev. Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei R. Doe         14:59


Dave & Wei -- The Show. Steeped with liquid intellect. Dr. Schmaltz is waiting for you. Listen and repeat Crazy Dave-Wei.  Stang: Do People Think You're Strange - stang reads old Pamphlet. Bob offers a smegmigma. Not boring yet but might be soon. Won't be enigmatic! We'll be as clear as we can be. As mud. We might hide the truth and we might hydroplane. New studio! The station moved AGAIN… we went to Stangsville, saw the Grandyeti, and my niece who listens to show and likes Dave! But she's big Dave fan , not Uncle Ivan fan. This autocratic radio fellatio won't work in the new era. We NEED change. Even tho no coffee machine. Gotta bring enough rope and a shovel. The Church of the SubG is about giving you enough rope. (Most dig hole w/ rope and bang heads w/ shovel.) Recording… everything's going fine. Glitchy CD player. We found these clips from mainstream movies with SubG clips. LOST is all based on early SubG Dobbstown. New Honor: to give reach-around for EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, REV. ZAFOD. Because he GAVE. Cause he got rich. 'Cause he surfed luck plane. 'Cause he studied "Bob."  He pledged AND payed! For MTV commercial, donated lab suits, and while shooting suggested Subs hold cash when "Heil "Bob"!" Then he gave again. Made a Gave Digger, as as opposed to Dave Gigger God. You have to give! Give a HOOT! An entire IT!

Praise Zafod song. We bought a Nissan GTR for the church. AND there's a new screensaver you can download on subgenius.com. (Decribes the infinitely regressive Dobbshead screensaver.) Are we controlled by secret forces? Do you know it all, or none? Pappy to Stangson motto. Dave and Wei on "Bob" fatherhood. Do urchins scream? Lobsters cry when you boil them? Like lemmings… (tho only humans and cult members do group suidice -- Disney cameraen throw lemmings off cliffs to create metaphors) - Humans on relentless stampede to bottomless pit, searching for big bucks, warm place to live… rushing into the abyss. Seem that way when you read the news. But qwhen you DON'T read the news everybody seems okay. But what of the jobless and homeless? I DON'T NOTICE THEM. I notice the jolly minimum wage workers behind the counters. Hurts my heart to see people who can't afford the Church.  Now, the tricky CD player.

8         Sweetness McGee - Tongues - Bob - sex         00:45

9       norel pref - thrust weird friends         00:32

10      Old Fat n Drunk w/ VO         00:29

11      Stang, Baltimore devival 09 -Slack Already There - Bleepo Quote 00:22

12      norel pref - just accept 00:32

13      It's Bob   00:03

14      Stang, Starwoood 08 - Most Imp. Things         00:59

15      It's Bob   00:03

16      Stang, Baltimore devival 09 --I Cannot Lie But Promise I Will   00:27


17      Live yak with Wei, Dave, Stang con't.          35:16

Who died and made Dobbs God? God. (The way the simpleminded wouldn't understand.) Gunned down like a common Oklahoman or Louisianan. Dave & Wei strange nipple talk. They laugh at Stang's equipment problems and masturbating a mouse.

Introduces "Electric Apricot - Quest for Festeroo" clip re: Excremeditation. Hippie describes his treehouse, refers to bathroom in SubJargon. Les Claypool:


Commentary on vacating the Evacuation chambers. Intro other clip, from Middleman. Not Superman or Lesserman. 

Middleman - Space Age Bachelor Pad Music

Explanation of St. Byron Werner coining Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, as title of a cassette tape.

Susie re: StangRecords

Hercules Meets Moon Men -I'mFrightened,Doug

We'll do the credits now: Starwood, Baltimore, Norel Pref, Rev. Sweetness McGee, LeMur, Puzzling Evidence. The bg music is by Rev. Stang & His Crippled Fingers… but these machines are set up uncontrollably. Young adults, this is what happens when you only drive your snowplow 40 miles to do show live in studio. What Dave has to do to get to show - new septum. Stang got new septum, with recorder implanted. Plays for you and against you.

Review of movie GRAN TORNENSLO with Clint Eastwood. Looks like Dave. Mel Gibson played Dave in CONSPIRACY THEORY. Gran Tornenslo is ultimate in "GET OFF MY LAWN." Stang Eastwood.  Dave Eastwood. "So do you feel lucky, Pink?" Leathery balls and speaking of soccer --  after 10 years I went to ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME until this week, free on MLK day. If you're OLD RADIO GUY, it's worth $5 -- great hall of ancient radio machines. If you're a normal you'll just drool over the rock star clothes. (Imitates Pink girl.) I was like that over the 4-track recorder used for SGT. PEPPERS. So exciting -- the 1971 Who's mixboard! Edison Wax Cylinder recorder and the BOX for the wax cylinder! You could drive those things around and people would get emotional. Tha Hall of Recording made me feel old as I had owned half the crap shown in the museum. The 45 rpm player… they had Jimi Hendrix's childhood diseases! Elvis's ejerkulata, the Jordaire's viruses, Alice Cooper's fans' vials. These stars were TINY. Mick's clothing… midgets! Elvis was only 4'8"! Had bone extensions. Little guys' chip on shoukder. Your Hitlers, Napoleons, Rev. Stangs… and rock stars. David Bowie's costumes , one with codpiece and one without. Dave does Bowie imitation. Things change. Dave wanted to be celebrity… but now life is a cruel joke. So Dave's normal now. Regular. But to some Dave is a celebrity. "You're that unfunny extra on the Lonesome Cowboy Dave show, aren't you?" -- Thing with my niece, he WISHES. If wishes were fishes we'd all be Michael Phelps.

Creature from Black Lagoon being remade as eco-disaster. John carpenter WAS gonna do it. He never joined but we like to think of him as a SubG since we had monsters in common. And he does his own scores. (Halloween theme imitation).

Wei returns to "Praise Zafod" song. Enough! When you are so faithful to "Bob," you get songs sung about you. Pastor Craig's accident, lost wing at X-Day, hospitalized, got whole ESO show dedicated to him. So if you're dumb enough to get rich then split it with "Bob," you'll get more than just a reacharound. You'll get fire ants… exema… a top floor… become a stargazer, an eclipse-maker. Think of the 3rd nostrils you'll grow! Whiff it! Can't, can ya? Can't smell your own nostril. Can't hear your own tinnitus. Tinnitus discussion. You CAN learn to not hear that. With an expensive filter. Dave on kidney worms, aka Head Beans. Brain weevils. Dave and We tell of torture and escape in unknown accent. Denies Slack and "Bob". Wei pronounces "Slack" Sylvester Cat style. "I believe in "Bob.""

Stang reads from Pamphlet 2 in unidentifiable semi-European accent, on Slack and "Bob."

Dave laffs. Denies "Bob" and dares Stang to roll dice again. Stang reads more re: "Bob" & Emaculation (in theatrical accent). The Normals don't care because they're NO-ORMALS!!

Dave lectures on werewolfery changes. Stang gripes on station CD player in extreme Texas accent. Where is Master Control Program? It's supposed to be everywhere.

Worst thing of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (they have Hendrix's hands at Case Western)  -- I get song stuck in head from handwritten lyrics. "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down." I haven't heard that in 20 years but the whole song keeps running in my head.

Ivan Stang is my name -- filk song. Hopefully I have now passed the curse on to the next victim. Apparently we're on a radio show.

Dave and Wei crazy head stuff. Stang explains how it all confuses him, and how he's barely 3 feet tall and can barely reach controls.

We gotta get outta here… adding a time control cut right now. 

Background music: "Carl Denham's Excuse" by Rev. Ivan Stang

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