Hour of Slack #1190 - Rerun of #457: Lonesome Cowboy Dave In Space


Back in 1994, Hour of Slack came from Dallas, but we used a lot of material recorded whenever Rev. Stang visited Cleveland and sat in on the late Chas Smith's show, "ESO Radio/Brain Rot Theater" on WCSB. One of the best chunks of one of the best of those shows, "Lonesome Cowboy Dave in Space," comprises the majority of this. Many listeners thought it was SCRIPTED! What was scripted however was the intro to the show, detailing the truly dire deadlines and circumstances of The SubGenius Foundation at that time. Also includes music from Nenslo, The Rudy Schwartz Project and Doktorz 4 "Bob".

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a. 2001 Hal intro, old school HoS titles

Stang intro: We just moved to a new house in Global Village of the Damned; SubGenius Hamlet rant; Our P.O. Box shall never change; 3 Stooges-like problems of the move to the new house/studio; Miracles of Panic-Work, The Lucidity of the Moment of Death, and the fact that we had one week to go to San Francisco and finish Revelation X or else owe the publishers $20,000.

b. Live ESO Radio (July 1994) - Slave Colonies in Space; "Bob" is a non-prophet.

c. Stang credits, plays "Master Control Theme" by Nenslo

d. The Rudy Schwartz Project (Rev. Joe Newman) - "Ho Daddy" from CD "Yodelin' Satan"

e. Lonesome Cowboy Dave in Space Part One - He's still in the tuna-can in space. Earth was a fantasy. Space hyenas and scorpion-rooster creature.

f. DOKTORS 4 "BOB" - "You Can't Hide from "Bob"

g. LONESOME COWBOY DAVE IN SPACE The Drama - Part Two (35 minutes)

f. DK Jones & Rev. Stang sign-off. (Old-school but revised)

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