Hour of Slack #1192 - SubGenius Marriage & The Forbidden Topic / Winterstar 09


Half of this was recorded on Valentine's Day at the SubGenius devival at Winterstar Symposium, Feb. 14 2009, Rev. Ivan Stang at the pulpit. A mass SubGenius marriage is performed near the end, but mainly it features a completely new rant called "The Forbidden Topic" by Onan Canobite. The other half is new songs and collage, and radio, by Puzzling Evidence, Rev. Phineas Narco, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Rev. Sweetness McGee, Mister F. LeMur, The Large, Dr. Sinister, the British show Right Where You Are Sitting Now, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. And an all-star broadway cast.  Winterstar was a gas, by the way. Great place to spend Valentine's Day.

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Below, "PE" means Puzzling Evidence show on KPFA-Berkeley from Jan. 02, 2009, with Dr. Hal, host Puzzling Evidence, and Dr. Philo Drummond

1          The Large: BoboB_            00:12

2          LeMur: HOS_Intro825            00:37

3          PE - Calm Radio Dreamdrug            01:05

4            CREDITS, Winterstar explanation            02:09

5          Rev. Ivan Stang at Winterstar '09: Tribal Spirituality-Funny Weirdos            02:11

6          The Large: Smaerd Teews  00:15

7          Rev. Ivan Stang at Winterstar '09: Sins - Keep Your Perversions - Intro Onan            03:24

8          Rev. Ivan Stang at Winterstar '09: FORBIDDDEN TOPIC! by Onan   05:08

9          Rev. Ivan Stang at Winterstar '09: No I in BOB - US in $ - $30 X         00:45

10        Rev. Sweetness McGee: A Modest Proposition 00:51

11        The Large: Billie _Bob_ 00:16

12        Rev. Ivan Stang at Winterstar '09: Afterlife, War On God, Death X            01:46

13        Rev. Sweetness McGee: bob's AAmeeting            00:48

14            Burping Praise BOB SW08  00:12

15        Rev. Ivan Stang at Winterstar '09: New SubGenius Kooks 03:45

16        The Large: It's Just _Bob_ 4            00:11

17        Rev. Sweetness McGee: anonomyous entropy Bob            00:23

18        Dr. Sinister, Lonesome Cowboy Dave - Radio Synaesthesia 12-15-08: Radio Trolls            01:40

19        PE - "Bob's" Donut Shop    01:08

20        It's Just "Bob" 2            00:04

21        PE - Donuts - Serve Us       01:06

22        LeMur: The Redded League 01:22

23        Rev. Ivan Stang at Winterstar '09: Church Social - Sex at X-Day Vs. Sex at Starwood            03:24

24        Put On Music a Lady Can Move To            00:13

25        Guys n Dolls: "Adelaide's Lament" 1950            03:14

26        Credits to PSA 00:39

27        LeMur: PCD 140 - Biggest Hwy Killer   00:19

28        PE - Hal on Radio History!            02:31

29        Credit PE 2 WS09            01:03

30        Rev. Ivan Stang at Winterstar '09: Hate-WEDDING-Connie! X            07:00

31        LeMur: The Loneger Again #27 - Cripple Creek            00:54

32        The Large: Uncle Sam Patriot-music intro            00:18

33        Rev. Phineas Narco: "With a Little Help from my Friends"            02:56

34        Joker - Why I Use a Knife - I know yr friends            00:42

35        The Large: Wouldn't that Be Enough of a Reason            00:12

36        LeMur: The_Loneger_Again01            01:29

37        Right Where You Are Sitting Now - Stang re: UK Shows, The Foundry & Brighton Clench Free Party    02:01

38        End Credits 00:55

39        Rev. Sweetness McGee: What $30 can get YOU   00:49

40        url credits  01:05

41        test            00:29


Background music during credits: Ron Slabe, Michele George, Bob Mozik, Steve Goodchild, Jeff Rosenbaum, misc. drummers at Winterstar Space Jam Cabin

A.C.E. and Winterstar: http://rosencomet.com

Right Where You Are Sitting Now podcast archives: http://sittingnow.co.uk/archives/category/podcasts

Phineas Narco/Natinal Cynical Radio: http://nationalcynical.com

Dr. Hal Robins: http://askdrhal.com and http://piratecatradio.com

The Amino Acids: http://theaminoacids.com

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Radio Synaesthesia: http://wcsb.org

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