Hour of Slack #1197 -- Live with Bishop Joey, 1st Church of the Last Laugh - 2009-03-22


Pope Robert Anton Wilson preaches about "Bob" in this episode, from a RAW tribute episode (#23) of the Right Where You Are Sitting Now podcast. Rev. Stang and others explain the close connections between RAW, Bob Shea and the Church of the SubGenius. But first, from the Baltimore Devival of 2008, Priestess Pisces preaches on Bobbies and Rev. Carter LeBlanc sermonizes on the Xists and the "sticky-trap" of the Conspiracy. Drenched in LeMur sauce with sprinkles of The Large and Rev. Sweetness McGee.

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1     iDRMRSR: @stangalini1   00:50

2     LeMur: 13013 A     00:26

3     LeMur: HOS Intro #809 - Muzak     00:47

4     boblennon-tom holm 00:21

5     LeMur:  Peter Lorre #02     00:33

6    Bobby Bob-Bob-Throwback Soul 00:09

7     LeMur: "Bob" Song #1024 - Bob Bob Bob  00:08

8     Family Guy - Blasphemy     00:09

9    "A Different Bob: - The Colorblind James Experience     02:49

1197 yak:

  CREDITS - In-studio prep - "Special" guest: Bishop Joey and St. Stupid Versus Church of SubG - Bishop Joey intro- "Bob" dumber than St. Stupid --  'SUBHUMAN' - salty tales of danger and destiny. - San Franscisco Mime Troup, movie credits Right Stuff, Tucker, HOWARD THE DUCK! Dave shot by the producers. Hllywood and tracking devices in Dave's head.  First Church of Last Last St, Stupid's Parade events April 1 2009, Embarcadero plaza. Stations of Stupids. 31st vs. 13 X-Days... will strike grease this year! Lost in TIIIIIIME. X-Day Theories. Creating own reality - same cruddy apartment. Bishot Joey's stories as mechanic on submarine in the 1960s. Many Sub "geniuses" in news, bumping into space junk.  The Underwater World -- smokestack cities and bigg big titties. Mysterious Island and ancient subgenii - Smokeboat Bubbleheads vs, Teakettle Bubbleheads. Describes his play -- how you choose to do what.  Tatoo and whore stories. Cool toys and model subs in thw how. - early rock submarines. Baking soda vs baking powder as propellant! The Seven Seas listed. And the Sea beneath the Center of the Earth. Kids drop pennies from Chinese Empire State Building, they come out in my back yard and then they fall back down. NOT BAKING SODA, baking POWDER! Clabber girl baking powder. "Clabber girls."

--- 20 min PSA cut ---

This station here to help. Heroes and sidekicks, vs. minions and henchman. Your inner Number 2. Corn-Sarn it, Jeepers, Holy Smokes, other sidekick buzz-phrases. As Cripes is My Witness. St. Stupid Quotes! "Those who neigh cannot sew." Puzzling Evidence homage? Who's Puzzling Evidence? HA HA - Bishop Joey as "Special" guest (dropped an oBMB-a) - no, Exleeelent guest. Fropped obaman you. Puzzling Evidence mix techniques described. URLS of Puzzling Ev shows, http://quiveringbrain.com and subgenius.com,  Other subG Shows... On Indie Stations you can't promo or give prices -  X-Day, DragonCon, with Tesla Coil concert. A tasteful night. 


Tesla played by David Bowie in The Prestige and the Man Who Threw Up On Earth. Porno music background. Everyone's heard it a milliontimes. We're about Illimunating, elucidating, and enlubricating the minds - the band U2 = THEM 2. U2 vs. Negativland. Stang explains U2 suing Negativland for making fun of them and looking e them... made their careers! Bono knows, can't take joke. I have trouble getting a Bono anymore - won't answer phone calls... lost his Edge...

I only know pop culture by cartoons, take-offs, satire, comics, The Onion. Dave: they're a joke. Stang : What? I don't get it. It's printed , must be true. Like Church. "I don't get it." FAKE? Oh, I understand THAT. The big Con.

St. Stupid Pledge of Allegiance!

Global tooisms... Think Globular, Act Logo... I think. Or am  just acting? So postmodernist. Who put that turtle on that post? Turtles mating with tennis shoes on YouTube... supplanted the masterbating chimp. That is so 2001.

The movie 2001 came out in 1968. Wei' mom took her. Dave was scared. Thus Spake Zarathustra now just a comedy cue. Already discussed on another vessicle, another tube?... all tubes... "You... TUBE!" RedTube, free porn. There's computers in this station, I never use. Old school, don't watch the listeneres. Pedal-powered radio stations. We all trade off, rip off, swap sweat, swap spit... colabroation liquidity in space, bg bucks on the Other Side, being dead. Hendrix did. All ld stuff remixed 10000 ways. Immortal, but a lump of slime! 

So sad that all we say on these dumb shows is immortal. So glad Internet didn't exist when I was immature, like 25... or 55. No end to it; Foolishness only changes its character as the years go on. You'll always be embarrassd about what you just did.  Breaking your colostomy bag... stop, you're killing me!

Reincarnation bs. Reincarnality (2nd helping of meat) -- "going for more" - Pappy's great saying I forgot -

"I know what the after life is like... It's just like before I was born." Stang never made it to the mountain. Others skiing, Stang peeing. "I believe whetever I need to believe." - Pappy

Dave:  "Just enough Jesus to keep a smile on my face and just enough Satan to keep an erection."

Pappy's Bible class in contradictory and sadistic parts, the she bear rending the children for mocking the prophet's bald pate.

Ist Church of Last Laugh QUICKIE RANT!! St. Stupid's Day Parade

More St. Stupid.com, his visage. April 1st fr 31st annual parade. 

St. Stupid Vs. Bob" as logo head.  Origian of St. Stupid.  Jane Roberts "Seth" and medieval foolery. True ST. Stupid-head brush-pen logo.  Takes more ink for "Bob" St. Stupid is a Haiku of a face, no shadowing. Various Holy Festivals in India; wholeNESS vs. holes and zeroes, Cult of the Living Bull. Canni-bulls. Yelling "BULL!!!!"

Traditions and rituals, memorized by Bishop Joey --! Remove spaces and punctuation, makes more talkability. Psychic Septum circular nasal talk. Special tenion on nasal membranes can create perfect note. Pappy's forgotten line cut-in. 

This show is one giant blooper show. On BloopTube. I'll remove everything stupid so it'll mostly be everything except what we've been saying. Tghen we sell the bloopers.

The vicious room-mate argument edited into just the cussing.  Can only show on Internet shows. Stang on "Dot COM" pronunciation practice.

StStupid.Com, Subgenius.com, LonesomecowboyDave.com? After he's dead. Rhyme of ancient mariner, popeye -- There's a submarine in EVERY SHOW! Below the surface there's always a submarine. Where there's NO WATER? Underground subs. So boring, with that drill. Now done by Buckaroo Banzai Phazer, boring without a drill.

I'm still so behind. The Repercussions, and the Waves - and Bishop Joey's waves peak experience. I've had several peak experiences and THE VERY OPPOSITE, DITCH Experiences. Must have both. Peak experience : my first peak exp. , pretty girl Dianne across th street. X-Ray Specs, mirror on shoes... peak experiences. Wall-periscope peeks. Sea Monkey's sexy fishtank LEAK experience. Once shot, now dribbles. If your PSI lasts more than 4 hours, alert your physician.

LOST in TIME, must leave for next show.... Our Not-SPECIAL guest, king off Tyru, Bishop Joey, St. Stupid, First Church of Last Laugh, http://Youtube/PuzzlingEVidenceTV on YouTube. Red Tube. Credits in advance.


10     LeMur: Mr. Cattle     00:31

11     LeMur: 13013 B     00:14

12     LeMur: Defective #04 - Only Delerium     00:53

13     Baltimore 2008 Devival: Stangi-Cold Dead Fingers     00:22

14   The Kelptones - "Psyche Haze" excerpt


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