Hour of Slack #1204 -- Rerun of #257: 5 Year Anniversary (1990)/Homo Correctus


This week we go even further back in time, to last century, with a rerun of Hour of Slack # 257, which was broadcast in 1990 and happened to be our FIVE YEARS ANNIVERSARY SHOW. The online SubGenius History and Cult-Management class is still running at Robert Anton Wilson's Maybe Logic Academy, maybelogic.net, so reruns are appropriate and necessary. Don't worry, we'll drag Lonesome Cowboy Dave and ourselves back into the studio soon. Meanwhile, you get to hear what the show was like in the olden times of the last millenium, when we actually wrote scripts for our rantings. This episode also features some pieces, especially one by Joe Paulino, that have become true classics in retrospect. We also get to hear Puzzling Evidence broadcasts from KPFA that are so old that St. Palmer Vreedeez, also known as LIES, was a regular. And near the end of this show is a lecture about current so-called Modern Man, delivered by a FUTURE man, Homo Correctus.

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"Pinks Beware" HoSlack intro (by Michael Townsend, Dad's New Slacks show)

"Acid" / Twin Peaks "Bob" / Roseanne "Bob"

Indian "Amazing Grace" behind Stang intro re: 5 year anniversary

Carl Stallings "Ooga Booga"

Dad's Fall Preview

KPFA Puzzling Evidence edit Reel 2 "Time Travel"

Rev. Joe Paulino "G'God"


Indian "Amazing Grace"

Rev. Joe Paulino "The Government is Not Your Friend"

KPFA Puz Ev show - Paul Mavrides Rants Madly from Book

William S. Burroughs "Sermon #4 - Love Thy Enemy"

Philo Drummond and Lafe Cowabunga "Swinging Hate Corpses"

Puzzling Evidence

William Burroughs "Apocalypse"

Doug 3 "Praise "Bob" Or Kill Me "Bob""

Rev. Bleepo Abernathy: "Bob's" School of Time Control

Rev. Nanzi Regalia: "RANT"

The Turtles with Rev. Howard Kaylan "Eve of Destruction" excerpt

Rev. Ivan Stang "Homo Correctus Rant"

Puzzling Evidence Edit 2 with Glassmadness -"Got That Editing Tape"

Rauld Dahl - "Crocodile"

Homo Connectus rant continued

Puzzling Evidence & Glassmadness: "SubGenius Radio Song"

Burroughs Sings


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