Hour of Slack #1216 - 12X-Day E - July 5, 7 a.m.: The Rupture


While this episode features various other weird sounds, such as the Puzzling Evidence show, nice stretches of "live" Hour of Slack with Dr. Hal and Priestess Pisces, recorded on the Brushwood main stage, and music from 12 X-Day by The Amino Acids and Fat Free, much of it -- the heavily-edited parts that sound like they're recorded outdoors in the cold, cold wind -- are from a little recorder that was in Rev. Ivan Stang's preachin' jacket pocket during the morning of July 5, as the SubGeniuses awaited the arrival of the alien Escape Saucers and the end of the world. Also heard are the gathered SubGeniuses' reactions when things didn't go quite as planned.

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Below, "HoS" means it's cut from a "live" Hour of Slack performed on stage at 12X-Day with Dr. Hal Robins, Rev. Susie the Floozie, Prieastess Pisces and Rev. Stang

"PE" means The Puzzling Evidence Show (KPFA Berkeley) from July 3, 2009 with Puzzling Evidence and Rev. Phineas Narco

"7am" means recordings from Stang's-Ear-View on July 5 morning, on location at Brushwood


1          Merry Xistlessnessmessness            00:04

2          Wise Blood 04a-Buy Jesus Miracles            00:33

3            Puzzling Evidence Show 7-3-09 - Pipe, Ready!            01:27

4          LeMur: HOS Intro #844    00:11

5            Hos1Aa - Sound Tests - Mental - Poetry - 7AM   03:22

6          Old WCSB Swamp Radio -  In Just a Few Days            01:11

7          Credit WCSB, Intro 7am     01:00

8          7am A - Another Jack Off? Need Firestorm            01:14

9          PE End of the World            00:35

10        12X-Day - Wristband Cop Pisces  00:14

11        Hos1 An - Electro-Stimulo Wristbands - 7 am       02:01

12        7am E - 8 Min to Go-What Did We Not Do?            02:18

13        PE X-Day Memories            01:00

14        7am Q - Fake Saucers of X-Day Drills Past            01:06

15        The Amino Acids: 3rd Song from the End            00:39

16        HoS1 Bj - Aminos 2 RUPTURE 7am     00:14

17        Hos1 Am - 7 AM - Dibs - Brushwood Rule: No Explosions            01:42

18        7am F - 3 Minutes to go - Women chant: YES COME 01:25

19        HoS 1Be - 7am BURN, Our Frop Will Come Back            01:51

20        7am D - Even Greys Hope for the Rupture            00:13

21            Hos1Ac-Night Before X-day - Hal TIME poem            00:48

22        Stang reads Pope Black's "The Night Before X-Day" (last half)     01:31

23        7am G - The 7 am Moment - Old WCSB "Aboard Saucers" with Lonesome Cowboy Dave - Letdown at 7:01 am            06:09

24        7am H- People Get Mad - No Statement            01:24

25        Wise Blood 05a - Some Preacher's Left His Mark On You     00:38

26        7 am I - Token Excuse - Moment Of Noise X            01:20

27        PE 739b - We're On the Saucers            01:30

28        7am J - Modemac Thanx - Token Spiel    01:34

29        7am K - End is Niyiyiyiyi - Ruptured One Piece at a Time - Dejected            01:00

30        7am L - 1998 Peener Puns    00:43

31        7am M - No Chickenhead            00:49

32        Wise Blood 05b-Jesus Rant 1a            00:35

33        7am N - Recession Anguish - Obama Hope            01:14

34        7am O - Worst Comedy Venue In History - No Susie Presents XX      02:51

35        7am P - Againnhorea            00:43

36        7am R - Xists Not On Human Time - Fat Free            01:19

37        Fat Free Slow Song Excerpt   01:10

38        Credit Fat Free etc to 7am     00:52

39        7am S - Dead Bobbie Photo Op XX            01:15

40        PE - Life Without People 00:20

41        7am ST - Brain Pudding Hinges 01:38

42        Wise Blood 05b - Jesus Rant1b            01:11

43        7am T - "Bob's" Teaching Us - Alfred E. Numa Numa XX      03:07

44        Credits Dr. Dark, URL    00:31

45        7am W - We Were One Short            00:46

46        7am V - End of Tape            00:31

47        PE - Eternal Recurrence of 7am     01:22

Special Thanks to Rev. "Suds" and Pater Nostril for many of the recordings!

Fat Free: http://www.myspace.com/fatfreemusic

The Amino Acids: http://theaminoacids.com

Radio Synaesthesia: http://wcsb.org

Rev. Susie the Floozy and "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse, WREK: http://wrek.org

Phineas Narco/Natinal Cynical Radio: http://nationalcynical.com

Dr. Hal Robins: http://askdrhal.com and http://piratecatradio.com

Look for Puzzling Evidence show recordings by way of http://www.quiveringbrain.com or streaming from http://kpfa.org

Rev. Norel Pref: http://norelpref.com

The Ministry of Slack: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-ministry-of-slack

The Amino Acids: http://theaminoacids.com



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