Hour of Slack #1229 - Show Collision - Rerun of #344 from 1992


17 years ago! This one is a mix of recordings from various SubGenius shows at various stations, including KPFA's Puzzling Evidence and Cleveland's WCSB from long before the SubGenius Foundation moved to Cleveland! You'll hear people who have long since been unpersoned, and much younger voices of people you now think of as old. There's also some great kook, prank-call and Bad Music material for the bulldada collectors. Hopefully you will be inspired to donate to the WCSB.org pledge drive coming up next week. We could all use a donation, actually. DID I MENTION that there is a SubGenius devival with the Amino Acids in Detroit this November 28, and weekly devivals in Chicago all through December? No? Well, see subgenius.com events for details. And with that, we hop into the wayback machine and vanish, backwards!

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HOS Intro #854 - Gaseous Rhetoric.aif

Stang intro

Slight Intro: Sivet Stang Rants!

"It's worthless" (The Fountainhead)

Title Barrage

Puzzling Evidence & Dr. Hal KPFA 3/7/92 Pt. 2 "JFK-Let's Make a Dealy - BushMonkey"

Sound Effects

Atrocious Music: "Peace" and scat

Paul Cowen cremation prank call 1 "Real Cool Ghoul"

Puzzling Evidence "Silly Chocolate By"

Media Barrage

Paul Cowen funeral call 2 - "Enlightenment/Jerry Lewis" 

Puzzling Evidence caller: "Most Embarrassing Moment: Hung Like a SubGenius"

CNF: "Your Sins Killed Him!"

Christian Okie Call

Sedition Commission Foodfights

WCSB Rev. Mike Kole's show - "Oh Money Padme Wallet," "I/Me", Bleeding Head discussion

Puzzling Evidence: "You Can't Do That"

KHSU: "We're back flying the show - goop"


KHSU "Flaming Cross"

Christian Okie Call, Pt. 2 "God Loves You" "Mother"

Weird Lecturer / JFK

Sister Mary Squared "Good and Bad - Connie Had a Lotta Yang"

Bad Love Song "Irene"

WCSB show - Ren & Stimpy Headlaunch

Ren & Stimpy Hour of Slack ad

Cleveland Devival at Smart Bar (#1): Head-Launching

Sister Mary Squared "Can't Con a Connie"

 Sister Clone KHSU kidnapping

Puzzling Evidence "Time Travel", "SubG Attack"

KHSU "Prairie Squid Accident"

Puzzling Evidence - Dr. Hal "Forbidden Science,  Slack Poem"

WCSB - "SubGenius Helle and X-Day"

Puzzling Evidence: "Two-Ton Tessy, LSD Baby, Gary Frop"

KHSU - disembodied voice

Twilight Zone

WCSB: Launching Catapult

PO Box and Church rant

WCSB - The Avon, Colorado Bob Festival, Beer God, L. Ron Hubbard & P.K. Dick & Elvis & "Bob" & Hendrix

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