Hour of Slack #1250 - Communications Theory Special - Live March 28, 2010

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Much ground is fertilized by the droppings from this live show. Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Wei, and Stang signify on: Communication theory; New Age military and The Men Who Stare at Goats; Church confusion and the scraping-off of Skull Barnacles; the death of the oceans; the horror of reading Yahoo News comments; locust plagues; the magic urinal; Southpark; subliminimal messages imbedded in the novel FLICKER; media thoery; The Ded Dave Show; wikipedia, and the nature of Slack. New songs and collages by: The Rudy Schwartz Project, LeMur, Amit Lissack, The Lone Star Tall Boys, Rev. Bozowolf, Mr. Rection, The El Queso All Stars.

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1     LeMur:  HOS Intro #869 - Story Of _Bob_ 00:54

2    GGG: All Stang's Fault 00:03

3    El Queso All-Stars - HoS Intro 3-Bob?     00:36

4     LeMur: We_Got_Our_Branes2     00:05

5     LeMur:  Let's Get High  00:04

6     LeMur: Heres_How 2 Get High     00:20

7    Stang and Ray Hey -  Effect Will Continue     00:14

8    Mr. Rection-Untouchable    01:11

9    Radio Synesthesia - Every Religion Wants Piece 00:53

10     Vitamin Steve - bobsong     00:47

11   The Lone Star Tall Boys - message from the future X     04:48

12   Amit Lissack - "jeegee"     02:33

13   Joe Newman RUDY SCHWARTZ PROJECT - Ape Men     03:24

14   Live Yak - Ivan Stang, Princess Wei, Lonesome Cowboy Dave 39:41

Credits, description of Rudy Schwartz Project song and need for a KILL FOR GOD video. Amit Lissack credit. Lone Star Tall Boys and "Vitamin Steve". Synesthesia credit, LeMur,  DAVE CALLS, communication theory, movie talk - The Hollowheads, The Men Who Stare at Goats, hilarious New Age military kookism.  Dave tells encoded description of alt.slack experience (?) - Zy a gote? Runt Goat at Stang Ranch that nursed from a "Bob" Pipe on a t-shirt. Only a goat runt or child doesn't know any better and that's why they can do magic. If you're like a child, a goat or an idiot, you can do magic. Every YouTube video is a goat doing something - a Pan-ic Phase - Frenzoid? Bernard news - he's getting evicted, foreclosure. Things Bernard thought should be done to the Others. My answer machine is not a smart machine. They think SubG IS confusion since they cannot see the rigic structure beneath. Skull barnacles can be scraped, though difficult. Plow-like tools to scrape the barnacles off the brains - if only there was a pill for that. This show scrapes the barnacles off the skull of the listener. CORAL REEFS doom and death of the oceans news. 19% gone, 100 yrs to collapse of marine ecosystem. No longer North Atlantic flounder - dead zone will BE the Atlantic. New Hendrix album - predicted in 1969 that lost continents would rise like Dave's phallus. I died the day Hendrix died? Sept. 13 1970? Playing Hendrix Star Spangled at high school football game. Slipping in pornomovies. CONFESSION: reading Yahoo news COMMENTS. Teabaggers disgusted with that Muslim Commie African for supporting the troops. Today in live Cleveland time. EARTH HOUR comments. Bee extinction... redneck comments. Climate change in the past. The grasshopper plague. Chocolate covered locusts. Roach crap by the year 2000. 3rd eye in his foreskin, could see into the pasture. The magic urinal. Scrotie McBoogerball Southpark episode - capsule history of the Church of SubG. Mattes? SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES hidden in the FLICKER. 24 fps vs. 30 fps for sneaking in the evilness between the frames. Review of FLICKER by Theodore Roszak, and Dave's book. TV and movies is why world so screwed up. Eric von Stroheim capsule history. Lost reel of GREED found... in book. Motion picture technology suppressed for 2,000 years. Now everyone tied to Internet -- but not really. I'm not addicted to endless media. There is an off switch for everything except this show. We have these gifts and we're willing to use them on people. Dave rant. Wizard of Oz rip re: heart and brain. Make sure you have the prettiest barrel on your street corner.

Plug for The DED DAVE SHOW and Amino Acids. Googal it.

Amino Acids ep in bg

Using Pinks, humans, mediocretins for gene splicing, organ banks, Repo Men, Repo Man and Repo Girl. Mind Rotting Media - you can download every old Hour of Slack. Bachner's downloads - SubSITE and black-and-white. The OLD stuff is under the NEW button. Baby Chas and Baby Dave. Chas Smith's wiki entry incorrect. I've reead on Internet that I'm dead, and rich, and shooting the goats on my island. Amino Acids doing MISERLOU. Dave has been surfing AGAINST the slack waves. Slack vs. getting off yr ass. Don't follow rules is the last rule. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY OF THE PRECEEDING RULES is the LAST RULES. Antidote for not following, send $30 to blah blah blah. LONESOME COWBOY DAVE NEEDS A JOB OR A GUN. Video for Joe Newman? - stang@subg.com - show ending - pr news, mr rection collage, Bozowolf song.


15     LeMur: PR Gnus #1492 00:24

16   Mr. Rection - Kumbaya     01:19

17   Rev. Bozowolf - Planet Earth 02:49

18     LeMur: HOS_IntroE     00:33


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