Hour of Slack #1254 - The Men Who Stare at the Vulcan Jedi Mentat's Lawn Mower Vs. the Space Goats (Live 2010-4-25)


After some audio collage and special movie dialog clips, and three unusual anti-drug songs, it's solid blabberjawed yakdomness from Rev. Ivan Stang, Princess Wei R. Doe and insidious caller Lonesome Cowboy Dave. The general overall theme is, as the title indicates, The Men Who Stare at the Vulcan Jedi Mentat's Lawn Mower versus The Space Goats. Sub-subjects: sex, the fear of homophobes, remote viewing, drugs, the Yeti Taint, X-Day, the possibility that extraterrestrials are diseases, and the new DEVO album.

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1 Men Who Stare At Goats clip2 01:00
2 Old Stang Title 00:34
3 Dr. Who: Bob on DrWho 00:27
4 LeMur: This Is PRrrr #031 - Duh Ummm 00:44
5 The Large: Stang's Videotape 00:09
6 Men Who Stare At Goats clip1 01:46
7 1st live yak-creds-intro 02:28
8 Barnes & Barnes - Three Drunk Newts 03:05
9 Live Yak Newts Story 01:39
10 Canned Heat - Amphetamine Annie 03:27
11 Jonathan Payne - I've Always Loved Whiskey 02:45
12 Men Who Stare At Goats clip 1b -Invisibility 00:55
13 Live Yak 2010-4-25 38:34
14 Men Who Stare At Goats clip3 01:22
15 ElQueso AllStars - HoS Mix 4 00:49
16 The El Queso All-Stars credit 00:02


More Than a Feeling in the studio - Men WhoStare at Goats & New Earth Army psychic soldiers. I am a Vulcan Jedi Mentat. IMBJR Dr. Who credit. Intro 3 anti-drug songs. Wei here to critique 3 Drunk Newts, as she is a Newtist. And nudist. Our newt is good, doesn't do drugs or listen to Boston; watches LOST. Song credits.

Wei tells the story of her newts - 4 at first; 2 died, like stoners at Burning Man. Rockne and Fig; Rockne in freezer; now only Fig remains. At least 30 years old, maybe 1030. Canned Heat song intro - most realistic song about methamphetamines.

Credits re: Men Who Stare at Goats - the Cloon could kill a goat. Whiskey song by Jonathan Payne, and Stang's son. Canned Heat anti-speed song ironic since band member OD'd on downers. Wei lacks testosterone. Main subject of this show: MY BROKEN LAWNMOWER. Tale of the broken brand new lawnmower. Had to crank up the Batmobile first and move it to get to the mower. Hit a root and killed this brand new lawnmower. KILL THIS CHEERY MUSIC! Where's Dave? Dave appears. Dave's visitation -- aliens will fix the lawnmower on X-Day. Lawns of X-Days -- we can have any yard on our Escape Vessels - Space Goats will mow it for us. State Fair balloon trick rectum goats. Can Dave stare at a lawnmower and fix it? Straighten the crank. Mean Who Stare At Lawnmowers. DaveĀ  weirdness. Stephen Hawking (mom on LOST) said aliens might be diseases, like my little microaquarium friends. Might see themselves as Vulcan Jedi Mentats, but to us would be fatal. Example: Columbus & Native Americans. Bacteria on High Street in Columbus. Some think life on Earth came from space on comets as TUNS - expecting only unnecessary explanations. Platter of platitudes- like any religions. SOUND good, not true. Follow a metaphor down a path and get stuck in trap - we're wank amateurs at radio and suicide - why I stare at goats and lawnmowers. World where all devices smart - smartmowers. Smartnanobots. Skyball. Skybernatics vs. scrybabies telling future w/ screeches. Rolphing negative emotion and 3 bottles of wine. We're offering to the porcelain god - waste - Wei has news from Governor Rocknar running for Kentucky congress - tinyurl.com/rvance2010 - Stang explains Rocknar run - These events attract the nice tea makers - or is it the homosexuals laying bags on - Rocknar and the sacred teabagging ceremony, dressed as a free haircut - laid upon the pate the progenitorial sac - teabagging in the old school sense. His pate was enbaldened for this ritual. We were way ahead of those tea party right wing cranks. Insane fringe people imitate Church of SubG, but NOT KIDDING! Fox News is all based on SubG jokes? They're good at making things up. Tin Pan Alley history by Dave. CoSg is what everything has been imitating! A Pink trying to live like a SubG will look like an idiot... as will anybody - Yetis with purple mohawk, ever-changing metamorphing hair-dos and skeletons, stripes, spots - modern subyetis fail to regow lost parts and hair - touch of the old human brush - human taint - our taints have even more of the human taint. Tain't gone talk about it no more. When Xists come, July 5, we'll be able to change body at will. What'll you do? Rocknar will keep same body; Dave keep body but indestructible. Would have sylphs as his escape vessel greenery. Pagan Green Man = Devil, though green not red. Idiots outnumber pagan although... idiots a subset of paganry and everything else. Pagans not "pegging," which is a sex act. I know a pagan who needs pegging named Peg. Obama is from Mars - not an Earthman. I wanna see his planet birth cert! - Humans descended from Martians? Yetis and Martians? Ancient astronauts? Everything is true eventually, in a galaxy far away long ago - not quantum physics, just history - quantum physics and math are spook stories dreamed up by scientists to scare stoners and little kids. Like religion - a control thing. Nenslo button: "What about E=MC squared DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?"

If we were Japanese butterflies, then and only thenw would we be doing that. Forgot what we were talking about - play back tape. Metamorphosis and metaphor confusion: we're wading over our heads in deep intellectual water and peeing in it. Examine the wet sites. We're all sorry about that -- and my lawnmower! Stang cries like baby at length. They called this show childish! WAHHH! Puzzling Evidence will be at X-Day! Philo! Hal! Susie! Dave! Amino Acids! Phat man Dee! Duke of Uke! Fat Free! Priestess Pisces! Legume! Quijibo Cartel Chris Lee! Will be at X-Day.

Every SubG will be on the saucers - GOOD X-DAY RANT w/ music - X-Day SubSITE page on subgenius.com - if you don't like nudity - don't look! (pictorials of past X-Days) - Naked girls with thick character armor is hard - hard bark on 'em - not just Susie the Floozy. THE GIRLS OF X-DAY - wanting me to remove their nude pics from SubSITE - Take yr pants down before we take those pictures down.

I'm phobic about homophobes. Fear of people afraid of queers. Homophobes are recruiters. The Latent Homophobic. Some people just insecure. All my Exes are in texas. Dave sounds old. Old Dave El Paso. Music credit - Perry-Kingsley, thanks 2 MrSister - Lounge Job better than Sleeve Job. NEW DEVO PROMO ALBUM - Fresh and What We Do, 2 songs on a blue-vinyl LP. Could play (credit cuts to come) but will play DEVO while we wreck it by talking over it.

DEVO: FRESH from promo of new album. 45? LP? ((Starts off at 33 rpm, slowed down - we can't tell, talking over it - then Stang catches on and speeds it up to proper speed of 45 rpm -) -

Background music: Perry-Kingsley, IN SOUNDS FROM FAR OUT

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