Hour of Slack #1274 - 9-11 & The Raging Yahoos of Yahoo.com (live), 9-12-2010)


Many of the Pinks who post comments after the news articles on Yahoo.com News are so dense and agitated as to make SubGeniuses look like even-tempered geniuses. For the week building up to 9-11, Rev. Stang copied the dumbest, craziest and angriest from that raging peanut gallery into a giant text file. For this show, he and Princess Wei read aloud from the best-worst of these yahoos of Yahoo, in various character voices, phonetically (to capture the amazing spelling of modern Americans). NONE OF THE COMMENTS ARE INVENTED. All are real. Lonesome Cowboy Dave comments on the comments; collages by LeMur, Pref, Heart Ignition, The Large and Hazel of the Windmills bracket the live section. This show was originally broadcast on WCSB (Cleveland) on September 12, 2010.

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1 LeMur: PR Gnus #1512 00:50

2 LeMur: HOS Intro #885 - Roar and Bellow 00:35

3 The Large: Bob_'s Letter 00:20

4 The Lost Skeleton Returns clip: Jungle Rant 00:56

5 Norel Pref - Recycle Bob 2 00:37

6 LeMur: Uh Uh #114 - Jesus Court 00:42

7 LeMur: Homo Cannibal "Bob" 01:53

8 Heart Ignition: I'm Broke -cow 00:24

9 LeMur cut;  LIVE section; The Large cut 53:05

Stang intros his bad habit of collecting Yahoo News comments; disclaimer; Stang and Princess Wei read "The Yahoos of Yahoo." Dave calls in, comments on comments. Stang does Twilight Zone style Dave intro. Discussion of TZ episode "Mr. Bevis" as SubGenius allegory. More Yahoo comment-reading & Dave on fact-hate by extremists: punacious-juice in the airwaves. The Big Lie. Dave weeps for this land, the UXA - no, USSA! - Git Off Mah Lawn - Clint Eastwood - more COMMENTS from Yahoo - because libtards think rich should be taxed more, baggeres defend rich people! - Your own king can do no wrong - Could there still be RACISM in this country?!?!?!? - "Bob" meant fornificate with GHOSTS, not GOATS! - Many don't like Science these days - STUPID spelled with an E - Stang reads long HAARP kook post - Burning Koran? We been burning and eating holy books since 1980. L. Ron Hubbards collected works not even SOLD for $1 at X-Day! More COMMENTS reading - Musk at Ground Zero - Not Real Amereicans! - Obama's Luxious Life - YAHOO COMMENTS readings - What Would Dr. Zaius Think? - Yahoo Comments Readings - NONE are staged SubGenius fake idiots! - Insane Fake Muslim post - Old and New Testament, part of Koran - Torah was first? NO! - Zoroastrians - Comments - "Bob" line, "I told you so." - Ol' God: Night Owl - So Much for Freedom - Only Unreal Americans Have Real Freedom of Speech. - Urban Myth: Bra Burning - Spitting on Soldiers - Mah Gawd - I Wont All Black People and Liberals to Die! - Hamas and the Hamasexuals! -- the Gay Moo Slimes having sex with Hamas in Humus! - comments reading - Mosque and Musk - Subs who got tired of hate left alt.slack and went to SCRUBGENIUS - lots of true Subs listening and few of anybody else - porno YMCA for Islamic Children: the NYC Devival Oct 9, in shelling distance of Ground Zero - 10-9 vs. 9-11 - stars of the NYC devival - Detroit and Little Rock in November - Hello to WESU in Middletown CT - "There's HoS all over the airwaves in Middletown, CT" - Wei's Revelry band spam for Ingenuity Fest UNDER THE BRIDGE - description of the strange fest under the bridge - The Homeless Kissing Booth - HoS vs Wei Stalkers - SubGenius Groupies only like Dave and Janor - SubG weirdo ladies are different: mutated - big brains and SubG women's giant heads - Can't You Hear Me, Noggin, on Your Window - Going off air, Dr. Sinister will play Large, Lemur, Hazel - HoS ID, MAYBE LOGIC SubG online class  Oct. 25 - URL, PO Box - PO BOX AGAIN - Wei reads Yahoo Comment re Dot Dot Dot 9-11 - Queeranic Teachings - Discussed Disgust is right. - credits Rural War Room, Thigmotactic - Yma Sumac? -

The Large "Know Bob" w/ Stang-over

LeMur: Down By the Baby

10 Hazel of the Windmills hyper_dj 00:37

Background music is by Rural War Room and Thigmotactic.

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