Hour of Slack #1283 - 13X-Day Finale: July 5, 7 a.m. Mega-Edit


Some weeks, this show is just thrown together. But this is one of those episodes for which we started gathering clips months ago, and for which much ass was busted in editing. It's our annual "7 a.m. July 5" show, the culmination of all our expectations (and uncannily apt sound bites from other media) regarding "Bob's" Promise of X-Day -- and the subsequent let-down or encouragement, depending on how one sees it. We let the Internet version of this show go on longer than an hour; the censored broadcast version is just under 1 hour and lacks the three profanity-based cuts at the end. Music by 6 Fisted Tails of Connie, Munky Hyv, and Xandy Smith. Main voices are Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, Rev. Susie the Floozie and Rev. Stang. (Note: LOST fanatics will get a kick out of the climax.)

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1 The Large-HoS INTRO-Peak 00:16

2 Puzzling Evidence 08-06-10-X-Day $30 01:35

3 Stang Intro re X-Day 01:00

4 Futurama clip - EotWorld Orgy-1998 00:35

5 13X-Day live onstage Hour of Slack: 1998-8661-LOST 02:25

6 Twlight Zone clip: ghetto for Freaks 00:43

7 6-Fisted Tails of Connie: Pisces - 7am July 5-hang w SubGs 00:23

8 Heart Ignition: SubG_Dadada-Dobbs-Apocalypse 00:08

9 13X-Day live onstage Hour of Slack: 5 Hours to X-Day 00:21

10 Futurama clip -End Is Near - Repent 00:19

11 Ganna Get OFF  00:09

12 13X-Day at 7am - Old Comix 01:45

13 Twlight Zone clip:  The Othar Place 01:28

14 13X-Day live onstage Hour of Slack: 7 AM - Crappy X-Day? 02:23

15 6 Fisted Tails, Pisces: You Must Be a SubG 00:26

16 13X-Day at 7am - People Who Hate Us 00:59

17 6-Fisted Tails of Connie: Just A Few More Days 00:12

18 Twlight Zone clip: Hate People - Kill All People 01:21

19 Blackadder - Kill Bob, Kill Everybody! 00:32

20 13X-Day live onstage Hour of Slack: Mrs. Darden - 7 am, Edgar G. Ulmer 02:25

21 credit 2 DJ 00:44

22 DJ Shaver at 13X-Day - Kill All the Beautiful People 04:22

23 Rev. Nigel at 13X-Day rants re: Hate Balloons 02:29

24 13X-Day at 7am - Hate Balloons 01:10

25 13X-Day at 7am - Transform-Lohan body 00:24

26 13X-Day live onstage Hour of Slack: Super-SubGs 01:44

27 The Large: Ten Minutes Away 00:38

28 13X-Day at 7am - Hot Day - New Bodies - up @ 7  01:47

29 13X-Day live onstage Hour of Slack: Hours to Rupture - Doodle Board Traitors -Susie 01:59

30 13X-Day at 7am - Communion Wafers-Koolaid 00:48

31 13X-Day live onstage Hour of Slack: 7 AM - EuroSubs - World Rupture 01:44

32 13X-Day at 7am - July 5-Staring-Ceiling 01:16

33 13X-Day at 7am - Koolaid-brown ass 00:22

34 Futurma clip - Purity Chant EotW 00:32

35 13X-Day at 7am - 3 minutes to X - Philo - 2 min 00:53

36 Xandy Smith - Space to Fill 03:02

37 credit XS 2 X-Moment 00:38

38 13X-Day at 7am - Lost - Countdown - fuck it 03:08

39 The Large: Where's "Bob"? 00:36

40 13X-Day at 7am - SUBICIDE - FSM vs SubG! 02:49

41 Hour of Slack #1267 - 7 AM 02:19

42 13X-Day at 7am - Get a Job - PO BOX - Bob 01:10

43 End, Nigel Rant  01:33

44 Futurama clip - EotW End 00:31

45 Addams Family - saved the world! 00:20

46 Puz Ev End 00:44

47 The Large-I Wanna Get OFF X-Day 00:26

48 Twlight Zone clip: Wiloughby-Gonna Get Off! 00:20

49 Stang re: X-Day @ Wisteria-2MunkyHyv 00:44

50 13X-Day at 7am - Pisces & Modemac work - Philo Not 02:55

51 6-Fisted Tails of Connie:  Bob Fucked Us Again  03:12

52 Munky Hyv at 13X-Day - Destination Planet X  07:40

Background music: 6-Fisted Tails of Connie (live @ 13X-Day)

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