Hour of Slack #1286 - The Toilet Zone: Tea Baggers Vs. Frankenstein (live 12-5-10)


This live show from Dec. 5 opens with a string of collages utilizing especially pertinent old Twilight Zone shows, some colLARGEs and a new song by Phineas Narco. Then Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in, and some extremely quirky background music goes on. Dave, Wei and Stang explore the similarities between current talk radio, Hitler, and Dennis Hopper playing an American Nazi in 1963; doktormusic; patriotism; the Members-Only ScrubGenius forum; bulldada; naked wet shaved dogs; and Stang reads selected passages from the ancient novels FRANKENSTEIN and DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, in a special way. Persons who are sensitive to psychotomimetic drugs should be careful when using this episode.

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1 Twilight Zone -countdown-Who'sPres? 01:59

2 TZ-Douglass Smith Ex-editor 00:41

3 The Large: Tea & Toast 01:22

4 Mr Smith tried to kill me 00:06

5 TZ Bob and Imponderables 00:52

6 The Large: Grow 00:14

7 TZ This is a twin of my world 01:18

8 The Large: Meet "Bob" 00:17

9 TZ - Bob in Parallel World 01:23

10 The Large: Negative 00:18

11 Phineas Narco, NCN - Masters of RIAA 02:47

12 TZ -Dennis Hopper Hitler Minorities 03:20

13 Rev. Sweetness McGee: Ms. Bhudapest in the big 10-8 place 01:48

LIVE: The Twilight Zone Dennis Hopper Nazi sounds just like the modern day fascists. Subs learned a lot from the fascists.  Twilight Zone standard endings. The Toilet Zone

14 Twilight Zone with DennisHopper: T-bag Conspiracy Rant 01:10

15 The Large: Gave Me a "Bob" 00:21

Live talk: rif on The Large collage - Bob cut, all freedoms removed. "Liberals fault for blaming people for all their problems." Mottered and tarled up. An enigma of disinformation! Yelling dirty names! Dave patriot statements - need something dumb - Dave's unit refuses to decifer. Rotten brain conundrum - how do you know when yr brain is rotten? Crazies keep diaries to control.... Music credit: Josep Mestres from mrSR... weird music... Tripping Out in late 60s... Change to more soundtracks like SubG Show . TONE POEMS discussion. Early SubG doctrine of Antimusic unfortunately came to life. The horrible doktorbands of 1980s and $5 for a house. Credit weirdbackground audio: cassette tape from someone in Berea Kentucky. (Like all the old SG cassettes in the 80s and 90s). Slow KY postal or KY interbreeding? Collage oriented show, accidentally being done now.

16 TZ Dennis Hopper Fascism - Seen This Before 02:30 with StangDoeDave VO

17 The Large: Stop Fucking Around 00:08

LIVE: Stang Hitler Schlack Rant, Heil in Sarah Palin's face; Stang rant of patriotic cesspool cable tv and youtube horror, StangHitler rant, if only Papa Joe Mama was here. Hitler performances by SubGeniuses. Only one fuehrer- fewer fureurs. Dave strange German character - spooky weird music and Nazi SubGeniusism. The SubGenius-Only club rejects are offended. We are safe in our cage. Bulldada bg music from Berea and wet dog surreal rant. Nazi SubG wet dog rant. Steamin hot yavohl of wuf brand. INSANE BG MUSIC - DAVE SURREAL SUITCASE !! Stang reads Jekyll and Hyde segment -- HORROR OF MY OTHER SELF! -  path to pleashah and powah. Kundwasser. Critics: Jekyll Hyde reading w Stang as Hyde.  Dave objects to Robt Lewis Stephenson - Heckyll and Jekyll. Discussion re: 126 movies of Jek & Hyde - 1931 Fred March one best. Jekyll-Hyde movie history -- 1931 version prints destroyed. Hayes Office code version vs. 8 minutes of hot Miriam Hopkins prostitute character.  The Human Centipede description. Stang reads from FRANKENSTEIN, segues to Kools ad with Dave. Music by Sid Redlin/Boron Nuzzle. More FRANKENSTEIN reading. Someone mentioned the movie GOTHIC, we found it by chance the next day -- bad, bad Ken Russell movie, Thomas Dolby. They deafened him with badfilm. Weird weird weird then: it was all a dream! Dave resembles Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein. Coming to end of show. Background music credit. Subgenius.com is the dump or latrine. Rev. Redlin's red-blue round-square eyeglasses. Subgenius.com. Rev. John Steakley died; no more ARMOR books.


18 Rainbow- IsWhatItIS 02:20

19 TZ Dennis Hopper-U Made a Mistake-I'm Made of Steel 00:14

20 TZ-END - Rod mentions the Devil: Mr Douglas Smith 01:31


Background music: Josep Mestres album "Quadreny"; unidentified cassette sent from Berea, Kentucky; "The Immutable Paradox of the Chronograph" by Rev. Sid Redlin / Boron Nuzzle

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