Hour of Slack #1318 - Live at 14X-Day 6-30-2011: Papa Joe Mama, Dr. Hal, Priestess Pisces on The Conspiracy


During the six days of X-Day Drill #14, we recorded daytime ranting and "live radio" (for later playback) in the Wisteria café, and at night we recorded bands, ranting, and jamming in general on the main stage. Everything was recorded at least 3 ways: off the sound mixing board (like this whole show), on a Mini-DV video camera, and with a good location recorder capturing ambient sound. That's a lot of hours of sound to edit. Perhaps luckily for me, at this writing I, Stang don't yet have possession of many board recordings after the first day. Normally I would intersperse the radio talk segments with music and fevered ranting, and by next week I'm sure I'll be able to. In fact, this week, were there perfect Time Control, and if I hadn't had to do the Starwood Festival (also at Wisteria) immediately after X-Day. I'd have had that option, as there are some wonderful jams and rants from the first two nights that I COULD have used.

I decided not to, partly because I have to get this damn thing in the mail and on the air, but partly because this first live Hour of Slack by Dr. Hal, Papa Joe Mama, and Priestess Pisces seems to flow just beautifully without any interruptions. Perhaps this is because I personally was off-mic most of the time. I even broke the main file up into segments to allow cutting to music -- but I don't think I would want to even if I'd had the time. The key SubGenius themes are discussed by these mighty yakmasters so well that inserting music and solo jeremiads seems inadvisable. It's uncut all-talk, and in this case all the better for that.

By next week I should have BOXES of board recordings of bands to choose from and compare to the location recordings I made. We have also almost finished a large gallery of carefully selected photos; they require only more accurate file-names to be added, unfortunately by me. Those, a detailed text report, and MP3s of some of the better music from early in the X-Day week should all be on the SubSITE 14X-Day pages fairly soon after I get this Hour of Slack episode out of the Slackermansion and into the world. (The web page doesn't have deadlines, but the weekly radio show does.)

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1 6-30b-Soon Stang & Tech 00:58

2 The Large: My Name Is Bobbie, too 00:31

3 6-30d-Mutant Sex Race 13:27

4 6-30e-THE CON!!! 07:05

5 6-30f-The Con!!! 08:50

6 6-30g-SubG Art - Pain 04:51

7 6-30h-CONNIE- 04:24

8 6-30ij-Bob-ConSlack 10:50

9 6-30k-Ambiguity - wash Ass - Bronner 05:04

10 6-30l-Weion Bronner-Rupture-Don’t Panic 03:37

11 PO BOX 181417-url Xday 00:13

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