Hour of Slack #1333 - Live 11-6-11: Pledge Drive Madness


Because HOUR OF SLACK is, among other things, a real show on a real broadcast radio station -- albeit a noncommercial one -- we have to do pledge drives. And we LOVE to. It's the ONLY time we get to act like REAL PREACHERS: shamelessly grubbing every possible penny from believers and/or listeners. We have edited this episode a bit to make it a generic pledge drive show, one that any of our sister stations can use for their own pledge drives, and we have tried to do it in such a way as to make it entertaining even to the Internet listeners who have not yet started being charged per download. (We are also preparing our listeners for the day, soon to come, when downloads will no longer be free. This is for SURVIVAL as much as for Slack.) There's some very funny material from new contributors like Dub Diablo and Rev. de Capitater, as well as old stand-bys like The Puzzling Evidence Show, Evolution Control Committee and Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw. But half of it is pure holy WHEEDLING by Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang. (Princess Wei and Dr. Sinister were on the phone lines taking pledges.) We thank those who pledged and, even more, those who have already donated, whether to us or to WCSB-Cleveland. Your donations are what keep the wheels of Slack rolling, and the grindstone of Slack nose-smoothing.

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1 Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw: WCSB_pledge_HoS-Suds 01:34

2 SubGenius Baitte Shoppe: HOW TO BE IN A BAND (LATE NITE INFOMERCIAL) 04:24

3 Rev. Dr. Royal_de_Capitator-Bob Wins Again 02:53

4 Puzzling Evidence Show: 1m - need tax funds 01:14

5 Ministry of Slack/ Evolution Control Committee live at 14X-Day: Drugs-WarPigs 02:31

6 Dr. Hal & Stang, live 14X-Day: Honest Ivan's Swag Shack 00:47

7 LIVE - pledge drive cut 30:48

8 Popess Pantiara Evokavitch with Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw: Feed the Stangs 03:48

9 Stooges Slacker 00:20

10 RevDrRoyal_de_Capitator-Bob Works 00:25

11 LIVE cut 04:38

12 Puzzling Evidence: The Harvest 02:35

13 Stang: Old Pledge Drive CD 02:04

14 RevDrRoyal_de_Capitator-A Big Firey Mess 01:37

Background music: Halim El-Dabh, "Music Compositions Throughout the Years": http://www.halimeldabh.com

Feed the Stangs

Written and Sung by Popess Pantiara Evokavitch, mixed by Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw

Early each day to Wisteria's stage

The little old Ivan Stang drags

In his own special way to the Yeti he calls

Come buy my table of swag


Come feed my little wife, show her you care

And you'll be glad if you do

My grandkids are hungry, our house is so bare

All it takes is money from you


Feed the Stangs, money for swag

Money, money, money for swag

Feed the Stangs, that's what he cries

While overhead spaceships fill the skies


In Wisteria campground

"Bob" Dobbs and his minions

Look down at the Yeti hive

And though you can't see it

You know that he's smiling

Each time that you give thirty five


Though his words are simple and few

Listen, listen, he's calling to you

Feed the Stangs, money for swag

money, money, money for swag


Though his words are simple and few

Listen, listen, he's calling to you

Feed the Stangs, money for swag

Money, money, money for swag

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NOTE: THE HOUR OF SLACK is released in two versions.

The X-RATED "INTERNET VERSION" contains all original "fucks," "shits," "God damns," etc., and this is the one which is downloadable from SubSITE and which is sent to individual subscribers OR non-American radio stations.

All American radio stations (except WORT, Madison) are sent the "PG RATED CENSORED VERSION," which has the Bad Words either reversed, bleeped, or replaced with the spoken word "Bob", depending on what works best.

The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry seeks to brainwash you totally into abject lifelong subservience to The High Epopt and Living SlackMaster, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


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